· March, 2009

Stories about Cuba from March, 2009

Cuba, Trinidad & Tobago: At the Summit

  31 March 2009

“It seems far-fetched to think that the summit’s news coverage would be dominated by the one country in the region that is absent from the event” – but The Cuban Triangle thinks that “two factors – a no-news summit agenda, and a vocal regional consensus calling on President Obama to...

Cuba: Antúnez Update

  26 March 2009

Diaspora blogger Uncommon Sense says that the Cuban authorities have “taken its fight with…dissident Jorge Luis García Pérez (Antúnez) to a new, more frightening level.”

Cuba: Antúnez Surrounded

  25 March 2009

Uncommon Sense and Octavo Cerco share their thoughts on reports that the Cuban police “have surrounded the home of Cuban dissident Jorge Luis García Pérez (Antúnez), who for more than a month has [led] a hunger strike to protest abuses by the Castro dictatorship.”

Cuba: Reports of Detainment

  24 March 2009

Both Uncommon Sense and Sunrise in Havana blog about reports that a photographer and a musician have been detained in Cuba “after offering their show of solidarity in Placetas for political activist Jorge Luis Garcia Perez (Antunez).”

Cuba: Three Strikes

  23 March 2009

“The president of the Writers and Artists Union of Cuba…affirmed that all Cubans can travel, except those who have a debt to the justice system…I have never been charged in court yet I am condemned not to leave this Island”: Generation Y‘s exit permit has once again been denied.

Cuba: Interview with Blogger Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

  23 March 2009

Claudia Cadelo interviews blogger Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo about his participation in the Cuban blogging community, which came to his side when his book "Boring Home" had originally been accepted by the state publishing house, but later rejected. He believes that the decision was made partly by his blogging activity. Many of the island's bloggers supported him during this difficult time and even organized an alternate book launch.

Cuba: Travel Permit

  20 March 2009

“I will sit in the crowded lobby of the mansion at 17th and K for only two reasons: to inconvenience them with my pigheadedness and to claim my rights. To show them the visa document that authorizes my entry to many parts of the world, while ‘they’ curb my travel”:...

Barbados: Tourism's Future

  20 March 2009

“A real need exists for tourism to have a clearer image and for it to be a beacon that pulls many parts of the economy along”: Living in Barbados wonders about the future of the island's tourism offering.

Cuba: Six Years After

  17 March 2009

Blog for Cuba maintains that six years after the island's Black Spring, “there has been no easing of the harsh repression of dissent in Cuba.”

Cuba: Political Clarity

  11 March 2009

“The information to make an intelligent evaluation of Cuba’s civilian vs. military led economic performance, the pluses and minus of both, is simply not available to journalists or the general population”: The island's recent political reshuffle has left Circles Robinson hoping for some clarity.

Cuba: Ladies Arrested

  10 March 2009

Cuban diaspora blogger Uncommon Sense says that “the Castro dictatorship's strong-arm treatment of the Damas De Blanco (“Ladies In White”) continued over the weekend with the arrest of the three of the group's members.”

Cuba: Las Damas Targeted

  5 March 2009

“This month…is the sixth anniversary of the ‘black spring’ crackdown during which the Group of 75 human rights and democracy activists, journalists…and other dissidents were arrested and sentenced to lengthy prison terms”: Cuban diaspora blogger Uncommon Sense thinks “it is one of the better moments on the calendar to remind...

Cuba: Making Changes

  4 March 2009

Generation Y says of the recent changes in Cuba's Council of State and Ministers: “Changing the instruments doesn’t mean much, if the symphony being performed, and the director of the orchestra, are the same as before.”

Cuba: Machisimo

  2 March 2009

Havana-based Generation Y is “tired of macho wrapped in its olive green uniform” and longs “to switch to words like: prosperity, reconciliation, harmony, coexistence.”