· November, 2008

Stories about Cuba from November, 2008

Cuba: Youth Activist Jailed

  28 November 2008

Diaspora blogger Uncommon Sense highlights the plight of a Cuban youth activist who “was sentenced this week to 3 years in prison for ‘offenses against authority.'”

Cuba: Indebted

  28 November 2008

“If Cuba was a household, the repo man would have been sent in a long time ago”: Child of the Revolution examines Cuba's balance sheet.

Cuba: Castro & Penn

  27 November 2008

American actor Sean Penn's interview with Raul Castro is being widely commented on by Cuban bloggers: Child of the Revolution, The Cuban Triangle and Havana Times.

Cuba: To Choose

  25 November 2008

“First there were the elections in the United States and now the issue has been revived with what happened on Sunday in Venezuela. It’s as if at the end of the year everything conspires to remind us of our condition as non-electors, our limited experience in deciding who leads us”:...

Cuba: Hurricane Aftermath

  24 November 2008

Generation Y takes a road trip to Cuba's Pinar del Rio and is even more convinced that “we have to avoid letting our tendency to forget cover up the situation…we have to go to the affected areas, deliver aid directly, and record the testimonies there. The hurricane-force winds are still...

Cuba: Brother to be Beatified

  24 November 2008

Uncommon Sense reports that a 19th century Cuban Brother is being beatified by the Catholic Church: “Br. Ollalo’s beatification will take place at 8 a.m. on November 29 in the Plaza de la Caridad of Camaguey, Cuba. It will be the first beatification to ever take place on Cuban soil.”

Cuba: Love and Marriage

  21 November 2008

“With the love nest located in the parents’ house and with a salary that’s not enough to buy any durable or transferable goods, the signed paper and legal stamp that attest to the marriage are of little importance”: Generation Y says that Cubans are experiencing “a loss of the sense...

Cuba: Lomas Fired

  13 November 2008

Diaspora blogger Child of the Revolution speculates as to why “the highest ranking woman in the Castro regime…has been unexpectedly fired…from her high-profile post as Minister for Foreign Investment.”

Cuba: Activist Released

  12 November 2008

Uncommon Sense says that a Cuban human rights activist has been released from prison “after serving 3 years in prison for being a ‘pre-criminal social danger’ because of his human rights work.”

Cuba: Hospital Visit

  11 November 2008

“A bucket in one hand, a pillow under my arm, and a fan balanced on my hip”: Generation Y says that with hospitals in Cuba, “the patients’ families must bring everything.”

Cuba: Hurricane Paloma

  10 November 2008

In the latest installment of the chronicles of the 2008 hurricane season, Hurricane Paloma struck Cuba, destroying hundreds of homes in the process and compounding the damage and economic losses the island experienced two short months ago after Hurricane Ike. Bloggers from both Cuba and the diaspora were monitoring the...

Cuba: Oh La Paloma…

  7 November 2008

Havana Times reports that “Tropical Storm Paloma is on a course that could reach Cuba by Sunday or Monday.”

Cuba: Abortions

  3 November 2008

Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez meets a young woman who has had four abortions in her twenty-three years: “I was rattled by her illusion of leaving all her problems—housing, love or immigration—in the operating room, and pointed out that they are no longer doing abortions in hospitals. The reason is that...