· September, 2008

Stories about Cuba from September, 2008

Cuba: Independent Journalists

  30 September 2008

“There is no better way to learn about journalism than from another journalist”: Uncommon Sense is pleased to report that independent journalism is growing in Cuba.

Cuba: Back to Normal?

  27 September 2008

Things appear to be getting back to normal in Cuba post-Hurricane Ike, but Generation Y questions the definition of “normalcy”: “I do not believe that a month ago we had anything resembling ‘normal.’ Furthermore, in the three decades that I have under my belt I do not think I have...

Cuba: Access Denied

  24 September 2008

“Won’t the Daddy-State learn how irritating children become when they rarely leave the house?” Havana-based blogger Yoani Sanchez says that she has once again been denied travel privileges.

Cuba: The Power of Books

  23 September 2008

Both Uncommon Sense and Generation Y blog about three Cuban political prisoners who have started hunger strikes after they were prevented from receiving books and magazines: “They suspect that when Adolfo, Pedro and Antonio are engrossed in an essay or a story the bars disappear, the jail fades away, and...

Cuba: Rebuilding After Hurricane Ike

  21 September 2008

In spite of the damage caused by Hurricane Ike, residents in San Cristóbal, Cuba are trying to rebuild and helping their neighbors [es] writes Zenia Regalado.

Cuba: Imprisoned Journalist Wins Award

  18 September 2008

Uncommon Sense reports that “imprisoned Cuban journalist Héctor Maseda Gutiérrez has been named a recipient of a 2008 International Press Freedom Award by the Committee to Protect Journalists.”

Cuba: Economic Reforms?

  17 September 2008

“The current President did not propose a program, he did not commit himself before his voters, and that means he is not accountable to us. The much needed measures can take one year or five years because he will not lose his post”: As some Cubans anticipate the implementation of...

Cuba: Assessing the Damage

  16 September 2008

“The blow to food supply is particularly severe: crops lost in the field, stocks damaged in warehouses, and Cuba’s capacity to import affected by losses in sectors that generate foreign exchange earnings”: The Cuban Triangle posts a roundup of reports on post-hurricane damage in Cuba, which is estimated to be...

Cuba: Suffering a Setback

  15 September 2008

“To Cubans and others who love the country, what just happened is truly heartbreaking. Two powerful hurricanes in ten days ravaged agriculture, wreaked havoc with the electricity grid and telecommunications and damaged or destroyed well over three hundred thousand homes”: Havana-based blogger Circles Robinson says that “Cuba’s development strategies for...

Iran:The Blogging Revolution

  14 September 2008

Antony Loewenstein’s The Blogging Revolution will be available on Amazon soon. The Blogging Revolution talks about Iran, Egypt,Syria,Saudi Arabia, China and Cuba. This is how he describes the book.

Cuba: How to Help

  12 September 2008

Havana-based blogger Yoani Sanchez says: “Despite the air of triumph they present to us on the TV news, talking about ‘hurricane recovery’, Cubans are very worried” and writes another post about the best ways to help Cuban hurricane victims.

Cuba: The Opposite Path

  11 September 2008

“In countries from Colombia to Brazil, Jamaica to Guatemala, as in the USA, people’s response to fear was to purchase weapons for self-defense. And in many places this meant not just having a gun, but a high powered one with loads of ammunition. Cuba has taken a different approach”: Cuban...

Cuba: After Ike

  10 September 2008

“it now appears that Havana and its many historic buildings will be spared from the worst of the storm that has brought devastating consequences to the island’s housing, agriculture and other economic infrastructure”: Circles Robinson blogs about Hurricane Ike; The Cuban Triangle posts photos of devastation from Holguin province and...

Caribbean: Ike Strikes

  9 September 2008

The 2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season is not letting up. Beleaguered Caribbean islands like Cuba and Haiti barely had time to recover from the ravages of Hurricanes Gustav and Hanna when Mother Nature struck once again, this time in the form of Ike. Tensions were high with bloggers Caribbean-wide.

Cuba, Barbados, U.S.A.: Palin's Speech

  4 September 2008

While Cuban diaspora blogger Babalu is “still a bit in awe from Palin's speech last night”, Barbadian diaspora blogger Jdid says: “She tried to attack Obama on some trivial stuff that he's been attacked on before, she didn't break new ground and with her Tina Fey look and those weak...

Cuba: Effects of Gustav

  3 September 2008

The Cuban Triangle says that the effects of Hurricane Gustav were devastating, especially in Pinar del Rio province, while Child of the Revolution suspects that the official figures about the damage “are almost certainly conservative.”

Cuba: Helping Gorki

  2 September 2008

Claudia Cadelo De Nevi guest blogs at Generation Y about her role in the protests that contributed to Cuban punk rocker Gorki's release: “I believe today marks a turning point from ‘no we can’t’ to ‘we can.’ We have shown that things can change, that we can stand up to...