· May, 2008

Stories about Cuba from May, 2008

Cuba: Free Speech?

  28 May 2008

Child of the Revolution sees the irony of the editor of Granma calling for a further restriction on freedom of speech laws in Cuba: “Instead of demanding greater freedom of speech – as any half-decent editor would – Barredo is demanding that the existing laws be tightened further so the...

Cuba: Incipient Crackdown?

  27 May 2008

Both Uncommon Sense and Ninety miles away…in another country blog about an incident in which “police and thugs from a ‘rapid response brigade’ swarmed about two dozen people as they marched toward a local cemetery to present a floral wreath honoring the memory of the iconic political prisoner Pedro Luis...

Cuba, Bermuda: Who Was Che?

  23 May 2008

A Radical in Bermuda shares his views on who he thinks Che Guevara was, while Child of the Revolution warns that the director and stars of the new feature film Che “have been happily providing plenty of colourful quotes to the media, along with their own versions of the Che...

Cuba: Warnings from Sanchez

  20 May 2008

Uncommon Sense links to a post that Havana-based blogger Yoani Sanchez has written, which suggests that she may soon be arrested, saying: “Please pray for this brave woman, and for her continued safety.”

Cuba: Dissidents & Independence

  20 May 2008

Child of the Revolution blogs about claims by Cuba's Ministry for Foreign Affairs that “the top US diplomat in Havana…is handing over money from Cuban exiles to some dissidents on the island”, while El Cafe Cubano adds: “Today is May 2oth, Cuba's date of Independence. Who would know from all...

Cuba: International Day vs. Homophobia

  19 May 2008

“It'd be churlish to criticise Ms Castro's work on behalf of one of the most marginalised minorities in Cuba. But her ability to essentially whitewash the atrocious treatment of Cuban homosexuals over the past 50 years…is, well, breath-taking”: Child of the Revolution blogs about recent celebrations in Havana to mark...

Jamaica, Cuba: Dual Citizenship

  19 May 2008

“”What would Daryl Vaz do if he had to visit Cuba on state business?” That simple question forces Francis Wade to reconsider his views on dual citizenship and political position in Jamaica.

Cuba, USA: Texas Trade Visit?

  15 May 2008

As the Texas state agriculture commissioner prepares to visit Cuba (the first state-elected official to do so since the 1962 trade embargo), Uncommon Sense says: “American policy toward Cuba must be measured by only two standards: Is it good for the United States, and is it good for the Cuban...

Bahamas, Cuba: RSVP

  13 May 2008

As an email exchange with the Cuban Ambassador gets heated, Rick Lowe at WeblogBahamas.com says: “I guess my hopes of returning to Cuba are now done.”

Cuba: Why?

  12 May 2008

Both Uncommon Sense and Ninety miles away…in another country blog about José Manuel Caraballo Bravo's “rumination on the decided aversion to all things y on the part of the Havana ‘Commission'”.

Cuba: Sanchez Denied “White Card”

  7 May 2008

Cuban bloggers Babalu, Uncommon Sense and 1Click2Cuba all report that Havana-based blogger Yoani Sanchez is being denied a travel visa that would have allowed her to accept a top journalism award in Spain.

Cuba: Do You Compute?

  6 May 2008

Computers are now on sale in Havana and Cuba-Blog is surprised that people are actually buying them: “The goods are there but are still beyond the reach of the vast majority of citizens.”

Cuba: Hunger Strike

  5 May 2008

Cuban blogger Uncommon Sense says that one member of Las Damas de Blanco “will end a hunger strike only when she is allowed to visit her son.”

Global: The price of food, the cost of despair

  2 May 2008

The crisis of skyrocketing food prices is affecting all economic groups in every corner of the world. Every day, it seems, high-priced food sends another country lurching through some crisis: demonstrations, riots, rumors of hoarding, falling governments, even deaths. Global Voices is well positioned to follow the nuances of this...

Cuba: An Atypical Economy

  1 May 2008

Blogging from Havana, Circles Robinson Online says: “Cuba’s economy is not easy to understand, especially for those that have never lived under a similar system where government plays a lead role.”