· March, 2008

Stories about Cuba from March, 2008

Cuba: Can You Hear me Now?

  31 March 2008

News that Cubans will now be allowed to buy cell phones has been met with differing reactions by Cuban bloggers…El Cafe Cubano: “Cubans on average earn about $20 a month and cell phones in Cuba are selling for $260 and above. Do the math…”; Uncommon Sense: “I do not begrude...

Cuba, Venezuela: Safety of Journalists

  28 March 2008

Both Uncommon Sense and Child of the Revolution share their opinions on the President of the Cuban Union of Journalists telling a conference “of left-wing ‘media workers’ in Caracas that there is ‘absolute respect’ for the personal safety of journalists under the Castro regime.”

Jamaica, Cuba: Poetry in Motion

  28 March 2008

Jamaican Geoffrey Philp blogs about MiPOesias Magazine's newly released issue, which he says “showcases the work of poets of Cuban descent who live in the U.S…no matter the subject, these poems blend the romance and sorrows of the past with a crisp view of daily life.”

Cuba: Blocking Bloggers

  26 March 2008

Want to get the Cuban blogosphere talking? Block access to a popular blog. Ever since Cuban authorities did just that to several less-than-supportive Havana-based blogs earlier this week, the blogging diaspora have come out in full support of Cuban bloggers – especially Yoani Sanchez and her popular Generacion Y blog,...

Cuba: Blog Access

  25 March 2008

Child of the Revolution reports that “the Castro regime has restricted (and in some cases, blocked) access to semi-critical blogs written from inside Cuba.”

Cuba: Limitations on an Internet Cafe

  21 March 2008

Potro Salvaje [es] provides details on an internet cafe in Havana, Cuba with plenty of limitations such as, “It is not possible to use any item to store or transport data (CDs, diskettes, flash memory), the line to use a PC can take more than two hours, there is no...

Cuba: 55

  18 March 2008

Uncommon Sense and Child of the Revolution blog about “the fifth anniversary of what has become known as Cuba's own Black Spring…”

Cuba: Absence of Ads

  18 March 2008

Circles Robinson says that “Cuba’s policy to live without commercial advertising is clearly one of the things that make it different.”

Cuba: No Restrictions?

  14 March 2008

Child of the Revolution is hesitant to regard the news that “Cubans will be able to buy a range of electronic consumer goods without restrictions” as a sign of political development.

Cuba: A Broader View

  13 March 2008

“It’s not easy to write objectively about Cuba. Two polarized views often distort any rational discussion”: Circles Robinson attempts to take a broader look.

Cuba: “My Life” in Hindi?

  12 March 2008

Child of the Revolution reports that there are plans to translate Fidel Castro's biography into three ancient languages, “with Castro sharing his views and thoughts on issues as diverse as French cheese and solar panels. No, it's not a fun read.”

Cuban Videos: media ploy or example of free speech?

  10 March 2008

An online 4 minute video excerpt posted by international media taken from a 2 hour meeting between the president of the National Assembly and students from the Computer Science University (UCI) has brought forth contrasting reactions and debates regarding free speech in Cuba and the direction of the Cuban Revolution.

Americas: International Women's Day Across the Region

  9 March 2008

Bloggers across Latin America celebrate International Women's Day and pay tribute to the hard-working, brave, and often, mistreated women from the region. Some honor particular women throughout history and others write about groups of mothers that defend the rights of others. For all, it is a celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of women.

Cuba: Chavez & Colombia

  4 March 2008

Babalu Blog, El Cafe Cubano and La Primera Generacion all blog about Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's recent run-in with Colombia.