· February, 2008

Stories about Cuba from February, 2008

Cuba: Cardinal Points

  27 February 2008

“Nowhere in the world has the Catholic Church been a greater force for evil than in Cuba,” according to Review of Cuban-American Blogs. Babalu is not impressed with Cardinal Bertone's recent visit either.

Cuba: Reactions to Raul

  25 February 2008

Cuban bloggers’ responses to news that Raul Castro has been appointed President of Cuba…Babalu Blog: “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”; Child of the Revolution: “The appointment of a 76-year-old hardliner…as the effective number two rather than younger apparatchiks…has surprised everyone”; Uncommon Sense: “For those who think...

Cuba: More Reactions to Castro's Retirement

  24 February 2008

Four days after Fidel Castro announced that he would not accept another term as a president after almost half a century in power, the Cuban blogosphere continues to be abuzz with the news. Adding to Janine Mendes-Franco's roundup collecting the first reactions after the announcement, here are more reactions from Cuba and abroad.

Cuba: Stop the Presses?

  22 February 2008

“Hold the presses, stop the videocameras! The Great Deceiver may have fooled us again”: Review of Cuban-American Blogs wonders whether or not Fidel Castro's resignation should be taken at face value.

Barbados, Cuba: Castro's Legacy

  21 February 2008

As David Thompson praises the Castro legacy, Barbados Free Press says: “A damned shame. We had hoped for better from the new Prime Minister.”

Caribbean: Castro – End of an Era?

  20 February 2008

The buzz in the regional blogosphere for the last 24 hours has undoubtedly been the retirement of Cuban leader Fidel Castro after nearly 50 years at the helm of the socialist republic. The announcement hardly came as a surprise, what with the last couple of years of anti-Castro bloggers closely following reports of the leader's deteriorating health and speculating as to whether or not he was even alive.

Cuba: Castro Steps Down

  19 February 2008

Cuban bloggers are abuzz with news of Fidel Castro's retirement: Babalu Blog: “My emotions are in turmoil”; Child of the Revolution: “I know that when it comes to Castro, nothing ever is what it seems”; Review of Cuban-American Blogs: “Nothing has changed for him or Cuba”; 1Click2 Cuba: “Monarchs excepted,...

Cuba: Student Fallout?

  12 February 2008

The Cuban Triangle finds “two unusual elements in the story” of the Cuban student who questioned Ricardo Alarcon at the recent university meeting, while Uncommon Sense, on learning that the student claimed he was never arrested, says: “The Cuban propaganda machine can be an impressive beast.”

Cuba, Puerto Rico: New Leader?

  8 February 2008

“Raul is seen as the less charismatic brother, but he has appeal in eastern Cuba because of his rural roots and down home sense of humor”: Cuaderno Latinoamericano thinks all signs point to Cuba embracing a new leader.

Cuba: Students Ask Questions

  7 February 2008

“Why are Cubans barred from freely using the Internet? Why are those few who are lucky enough to get access to the Internet then banned from using Yahoo?” Child of the Revolution reports that Cuban students asked some tough questions in Havana recently.