· January, 2008

Stories about Cuba from January, 2008

Cuba: Yes or No?

  24 January 2008

Post-Cuban elections, Child of the Revolution wonders whether or not Fidel Castro will remain as head of the Council of State.

Bahamas, Cuba: Double Speak

  23 January 2008

“Such obvious double speak is trite in the 21st Century. And to state that in a country that is of the ‘western liberal ilk’ is quite presumtuous”: Rick Lowe at WeblogBahamas.com is unimpressed with the Cuban Ambassador's statement about the island's recently held elections.

Cuba, UK: Visual Expressions

  22 January 2008

Child of the Revolution‘s interest is piqued by a new London art gallery's exhibition of the work of Cuban visual artists to show how they “discuss contradictions, ambiguities and social negotiations in Cuban life”.

Cuba: Elections & Ethanol

  21 January 2008

Child of the Revolution is monitoring the Cuban parliamentary elections, while The Cuban Triangle reports on “the economic collaboration between Cuba and Venezuela that resulted in an agreement yesterday for 76 projects with a $1.3 billion price tag.”

Cuba: Gender Issues

  16 January 2008

Child of the Revolution reports that Cuba has given the green light to “Cuban transsexuals who want to undergo what is now described as sex-realignment surgery.”