· November, 2007

Stories about Cuba from November, 2007

Cuba, Venezuela: Changing Into Cuba?

  30 November 2007

Child of the Revolution reports on the reaction to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's proposed constitutional changes: “Not surprisingly, many Venezuelans think the changes go too far – turning the oil-rich nation into ‘another Cuba'”.

Cuba: Unearthing Che

  27 November 2007

Child of the Revolution reports on a recently-held Cuban press conference “to reveal that they had undertaken extensive DNA testing on…the remains of Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara.”

Cuba: Howard Out

  26 November 2007

Child of the Revolution reports on the results of the Australian election: “The demise of Mr Howard will be seen as good news in Havana, given the outgoing prime minister’s close links to US president George W Bush.”

Cuba: Regional Police Force?

  23 November 2007

Babalu Blog finds “alarming” the prospect of “a new Latin American and Caribbean regional police force modeled on Interpol.”

Caribbean: Giving Thanks

  22 November 2007

Thanksgiving may be a traditionally North American holiday - but more and more, the Caribbean seems to be taking notice - so much so that many regional bloggers have been paying a warm West Indian tribute to Thanksgiving…

Cuba, USA: Giving Thanks

  22 November 2007

“Thanksgivings are perhaps the truest proof of our Cuban-Americaness,” writes Babalu Blog: “On the fourth Thursday of every November we have on our tables…the best of both worlds.”

Cuba: Cambio

  20 November 2007

“Little pieces of rubber” are causing some measure of disorder in Cuba: Babalu Blog reports.

Cuba: No, You Shut Up!

  15 November 2007

Both Babalu Blog and Child of the Revolution turn their attention to Cuba's reaction to the comment made by the King of Spain at the recently-concluded Ibero-American Summit.

Jamaica: Our Caribbean

  14 November 2007

Geoffrey Philp features Our Caribbean: “an anthology of lesbian and gay writing from across the Antilles”.

Cuba: Shut Up!

  12 November 2007

Both Child of the Revolution and Babalu Blog turn their attention to the happenings at the recently-held Ibero-American summit.

Barbados, Jamaica, Cuba: Lightbulb Scandal

  8 November 2007

Barbados Free Press blogs about the Jamaican lightbulb scandal and says: “Citizens of Barbados should pay close attention”, while Stunner's Afflictions asks: “Will there be criminal charges? Or will we see more bawling in the house of Parliament?”