· September, 2007

Stories about Cuba from September, 2007

Cuba, Jamaica: Under Siege in Burma

  27 September 2007

Uncommon Sense blogs about the struggle in Burma, while Montego Bay Day By Day says: “Freedom is not a thing that is earned. It is a right that is obtained at the very moment that one is deemed alive.”

Jamaica, DR, Cuba, Haiti: Sugar Protocol

  18 September 2007

The Latin Americanist reports that ACP (African, Caribbean and Pacific) countries are calling on the European Union to uphold the “Sugar Protocol” agreement, which guarantees that EU states buy and import agreed quantities of sugar at certain prices.

Cuba: Pavarotti Passes On

  6 September 2007

“He was a seminal tenor. His presence in opera, concerts and recitals was so ubiquitous that he almost single-handedly brought opera back into the mainstream of American and world culture,” writes Babalu Blog, as he acknowledges the passing of Luciano Pavarotti.

Cuba: Castro and Change

  5 September 2007

Child of the Revolution thinks that Fidel Castro's most recent reflexion “is a clear sign to those waiting in the wings inside and outside Cuba (does that include Raul Castro?), that while Castro I is alive, there will be no change on the island of any type.”

Cuba: Musical Chacon

  3 September 2007

Photographer Roy Llera posts a shot of Chacon, a Cuban musician who passed away in 2003: “One day I found him at home in a small shack on a hillside in Casablanca…as most Cubans he invited me into his home and proudly stated ‘mi casa es su casa'…I felt at...