· July, 2007

Stories about Cuba from July, 2007

Cuba: Opposing Ideas

  31 July 2007

Child of the Revolution blogs about the opposing views on Cuba held by Bebo Valdes, the Cuban-born jazz musician, and his pianist son, Chucho.

Brazil: About the 2007 Rio Pan-American Games

  30 July 2007

After two intense weeks full of sports coverage and post-tragedy debates in the media, the XV Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro has come to an end. Since its inauguration ceremony, where president Lula got booed by the crowd at the stadium, the event has inspired a passionate debate colored by political frictions in the local blogosphere. How the defection of Cuban athletes fits the plot? Read through the end of the post and find out what Brazilian blogs has to say about it.

Cuba, Trinidad & Tobago: Bergman Passes On

  30 July 2007

“I have always found his films to be difficult to watch, always knowing, though, that I was watching a master at work.” Babalu Blog acknowledges the passing of Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman, as does Jonathan at Trinidad's Studio Film Club blog.

Cuba: Castro's Keynote Speech

  27 July 2007

“So Raul described large problems that are of great interest to average Cubans…he is creating public expectations that some kind of change is coming, and that in time it will measure up to the challenges he himself has defined,” writes The Cuban Triangle of Castro's 26th July speech, while Child...

Cuba: 26th July

  26 July 2007

“It’s official: Fidel Castro will not make an appearance at this year’s 26th July celebrations.” Child of the Revolution speculates about the content of Raul Castro's upcoming speech.

China: Immigrants and sea

  26 July 2007

Maryannodonnell from Shenzhen fieldnotes blogs the opening ceremony for a documentary “immigrants and sea” which is about cultural life in Latin American Coastal cities.

Cuba: Defecting at the Games

  24 July 2007

Child of the Revolution continues to follow the Pan Am Games in Brazil – this time, with a focus on a few Cuban athletes who have defected.

Cuba: Pan Am Games

  23 July 2007

Child of the Revolution reports that “Cuban athletes are failing to win the hearts and minds of many spectators at the Pan-American Games being held in Rio” – and suggests a few reasons why.

Cuba: Tobacco Deal?

  19 July 2007

“More than 245 years after the English briefly held Havana, the British are close to becoming a big player in Cuba again. This time it will be all about tobacco.” Child of the Revolution explains.

Caribbean: Contemporary Art Exhibition

  16 July 2007

“Brooklyn sometimes feels like it is part of the Caribbean,” writes Caribbean Beat Blog, reporting on an upcoming exhibition of contemporary Caribbean art at the Brooklyn Museum.

Cuba: Gay Rights

  12 July 2007

“Following Fidel Castro’s…Cuban revolution, LGBT people were persecuted and imprisoned. Now the Communist Party is set to bring forward a law which would legalise same-sex unions, grant adoption rights to same-sex couples and give lesbians access to reproduction services.” Gay Blog Ruffian reports on the rights of gays in Cuba.

Cuba: Blogging for Cuban Liberty

  12 July 2007

Uncommon Sense is proud to be part of Bloggers United for Cuban Liberty and hopes that the campaign will influence The Police to speak out for the cause of political prisoners in Cuba: “But I am not sure whether it really matters if we do. Already, success is ours —...

Cuba: Election Fever

  10 July 2007

Child of the Revolution has his eye on Cuba's upcoming elections, which he thinks “will provide some guidance, for want of a better word, on the future role of Fidel Castro within the regime.”

Jamaica, Cuba: Alonso's Giselle

  9 July 2007

“In dance as in life, you fall in love all of a sudden. Then, if you are lucky, you spend a lifetime working out the details.” Geoffrey Philp explores the significance of Cuban prima ballerina Alicia Alonso's legendary portrayal of Giselle.

Cuba: Reflections on Freedom

  4 July 2007

“Americans do not deserve to be free because we are Americans, and Cubans do not deserve to be free because we are Cubans. All men and women deserve to be free because that is how we are born.” July 4th gives Uncommon Sense a chance to reflect on freedom.