· June, 2007

Stories about Cuba from June, 2007

Cuba: Bye Bye Blair

  28 June 2007

Child of the Revolution acknowledges former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair's departure from office and shares why he's sad to see him go.

Cuba: Espin's Death

  20 June 2007

Child of the Revolution shares his thoughts on the death of Vilma Espin, Raul Castro's wife.

Cuba: New Rules for UN Human Rights Council

  19 June 2007

Even as members of the European Union seek “to forge a fresh relationship with the government in Havana”, the United Nations announced that it has dropped independent expert monitors of alleged human rights abuses in Cuba. Uncommon Sense shares his perspective.

Cuba: Bloggers Speculate on Castro

  14 June 2007

“Biologically, has Fidel Castro's time expired?” asks Uncommon Sense, while Babalu Blog wonders if the presence of top foreign leaders in Cuba signifies “a last goodbye perhaps?”

Cuba: Human Rights

  13 June 2007

Both Uncommon Sense and Child of the Revolution blog about the latest report to the United Nations on the human rights situation in Cuba.

Cuba: Disappointed in “Today”

  6 June 2007

Both Babalu Blog and Uncommon Sense are disappointed in The Today Show‘s coverage from Cuba: “For decades, the tendency by many in American media, academia and government has been to look at Cuba only in the context of what the United States has done or hasn't done…Regardless of whether any...

Cuba: When in Cuba…

  1 June 2007

“In my previous life as a journalist…I once spent a day working in a busy restaurant pretending to be a kitchen hand. It's an old journalistic stunt that is supposed to allow you to learn first hand how other people live and work, so that you could then go away...