· May, 2007

Stories about Cuba from May, 2007

Cuba: Today Show

  31 May 2007

“I'm sorry, but an American news outlet visiting Cuba isn't news. That they're not going to be able to score an interview with Fidel Castro is news.” Lawhawk shares his thoughts on the upcoming Today Show visit to Cuba – as do Uncommon Sense, El Cafe Cubano and Babalu Blog.

Cuba: US Visit to Spain

  30 May 2007

Child of the Revolution is waiting for the “diplomatic fireworks” that he predicts will ensue over Cuba during the US Secretary of State's visit to Spain this week.

Cuba: Health Care

  29 May 2007

Child of the Revolution refers to a New York Times article as he examines the Cuban health care system.

Cuba: Closure of Venezuelan TV Station

  28 May 2007

“The Venezuelan freight train toward a castro-style totalitarian dictatorship is gaining momentum at a frightening pace with the closure and confiscation of one of the few remaining independent media voices in that country, RCTV, and where is the mainstream American and International media?” asks Babalu Blog, while El Cafe Cubano...

Cuba: Welcome The Beatles

  25 May 2007

“It’s taken the best part of 40 years but The Beatles have finally arrived in the part of Cuba where I grew up. Officially, that is,” writes Child of the Revolution, who thinks that the opening of a replica of the tavern where the Fab Four first found fame is...

Cuba: Iberia Ad Controversy

  22 May 2007

Both Babalu Blog and Child of the Revolution weigh in on the controversy surrounding an Iberia Airlines ad promoting travel to Cuba that has been pulled following “public complaints from a Spanish consumer advocacy group which argued that the promotion was sexist and demeaning to Cuban women, and promoted ‘sex...

Cuba: Letter to Spain

  18 May 2007

On the heels of the Spanish Foreign Minister's recent visit to Cuba, Alberto de la Cruz writes a letter to Spain.

Bahamas, Cuba: Shooting Incident

  9 May 2007

“The discussion to resolve this issue should be very interesting,” writes WeblogBahamas.com, commenting on reports that the Cuban Coast Guard has shot two Bahamians that were “reportedly trafficking drugs through Cuban waters”.

Cuba: Vive Sarkozy!

  7 May 2007

“Vive la France!” Babalu Blog celebrates the election of Nicolas Sarkozy to the French Presidency.

Cuba: No Castro at May Day

  2 May 2007

“Where in the world is Fidel Castro?” wonders Cuaderno Latinoamericano after the Cuban leader's no-show at the annual May Day celebrations.