· March, 2007

Stories about Cuba from March, 2007

Cuba: Fidel's Blog?

  30 March 2007

“The blogosphere is certainly growing!” (ES) declares mi isla al mediodia (tongue firmly in cheek) as he notes that Fidel Castro has written an “entry” in his “blog” (ie, Granma, the Communist party paper) about the impact on the agricultural sector of using ethanol as a substitute for fossil fuels.

Cuba: US Top Food Source?

  27 March 2007

Child of the Revolution links to an Associated Press article that cites the United States as Cuba's top food source, despite the US trade embargo on the island.

Cuba: Show me your Coffee

  22 March 2007

Cuba and Coffee – CubanAmmericanPundits.com explores the cultural significance of this seductive drink.

Cuba: Remembering the “black spring”

  19 March 2007

Marc Masferrer has a series of posts on the subject of the commemorations of the fourth anniversary of the March 2003 crackdown on dissidents and journalists known as the “black spring”, including one on the “Damas de Blanco” (Ladies in White), and a message from a hunger striking political prisoner....

Free Kareem Action

Watch the video – labeled “Free Kareem Action”- of the demonstration held yesterday by Reporters Without Borders in front of the Tunisia, Egypt and Cuba, stands at the tourism trade fair in Paris in protest against the dreadful record on freedom of speech in these countries.

Cuba, Venezuela: Castro won't stop calling Chávez

  15 March 2007

“Chávez and Castro are always on the phone (ever heard of email?). Chávez would never admit it, but I wonder if he gets tired of Fidel constantly calling,” writes Vivirlatino‘s Jennifer in the preface to a post reproducing a portion of the transcript of a telephone conversation between convalescing Cuban...

Cuba: How Cubans in exile measure time

  15 March 2007

Marta Darby posts an image of the Cubana Aviación plane ticket that brought her, as a small child, from Cuba to the US in 1961, plus a video comprising home movies set to a Celia Cruz song: ‘When we encounter other Cubans wherever we are, there's always a sweet recognition....

Cuba: Show yourself, Fidel

  14 March 2007

In response to media reports that ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro has participated in a conference call, Ziva asks: “So where is he? I know he's not the Pope, but if he has an ounce of life, shouldn't he address the Cuban people? Surely he could be wheeled out to...

Cuba: Disneylandia?

  14 March 2007

Luis M. Garcia reports that plans are afoot to build a theme park in Cuba. Val Prieto wonders “what the hell would a communist Cuba theme park consist of?”, and gets some interesting suggestions.

Cuba, Cayman Islands: Civil disobedience

  8 March 2007

Ziva has high praise for the immigration officers in Grand Cayman who violated the Cayman Islands’ memorandum of understanding with Cuba and offered assistance to a group of refugees fleeing the latter by boat.

Cuba: Hunger strike in Camagüey

  7 March 2007

Marc Masferrer writes that the Cuban independent news site Payo Libre is reporting that 18 inmates, including 10 political prisoners, at the Kilo 8 prison in Camagüey, Cuba, have embarked on a hunger strike.

Cuba, Colombia: Meeting Gabo

  6 March 2007

On the occasion of the writer's 80th birthday, el Cubano de la isla meditates upon (es) a fleeting encounter between Colombian novelist Gabriel García Márquez and Ernest Hemingway in Paris: “The sad thing is that when wake up tomorrow, I'm not going to be in Paris, but in Havana, and...

Cuba: Let's meet in Cuba?

  1 March 2007

Luis M. Garcia reports briefly on a survey conducted by a meetings and conventions industry newsletter to determine whether event planners would consider Cuba a potential meeting destination if the US lifted the current travel ban.