· February, 2007

Stories about Cuba from February, 2007

Cuba: “Vamos a Selma”

  26 February 2007

Babalú Blog‘s Val Prieto posits an imaginary book entitled “Vamos a Selma” (“Let's go to Selma”) which offers a false and revisionist history of the American south and the civil rights movement, and asks: “How many of the same people that have lobbied for the “Vamos a Cuba” book to...

Free Kareem: The Caribbean joins in

  24 February 2007

The Caribbean blogosphere tends to focus on internal matters, but the plight of Egyptian blogger Abdel Kareem Suleiman struck a chord nevertheless with a few bloggers, including Cuban-American journalist Marc Masferrer, who posts frequently on human rights issues relating to Cuba. On February 19, Masferrer encouraged readers to sign a...

Cuba, USA: Cuban Memorial

  20 February 2007

Marc Masferrer visits a Cuban Memorial in Tamiami Park in Miami: “. . . we are called not to remember the number of Cubans lost to Castro — whether 10,000 or 100,000, or greater — but to remember that each cross represents one victim, one family, one story.“

Cuba: The untamable Internet

  13 February 2007

Marc Masferrer has news for Cuban Communications Minister Ramiro Valdés, who said recently that “The wild colt of new technologies can and must be controlled”: “What Valdes either doesn't know, or chooses to ignore, is that the Internet is not built to be controlled, with easy access points for censors.“

Cuba: Arriving in Miami

  13 February 2007

Marta Darby remembers arriving in the US from Cuba with her family in 1961, on the day before Valentine's Day: “Back then, in early 1961, Cubans would still go to the airport to greet other arriving exiles. I remember being oh-so-tired and happy. I remember seeing my dad on the...

Cuba: Silvio Rodriguez mix

  9 February 2007

Puerto Rican blogger Rafi posts an annotated mix of songs he considers representative of the main themes present in the work of Cuban folk singer Silvio Rodriguez.

Cuba: Two cookbooks

  6 February 2007

She'll get to Cuba eventually, but in the meantime, TriniFood of the Can Cook, Must Cook blog reviews two Cuban cookbooks.

Cuba: No visas for American cyclists

  5 February 2007

Charly Morales Valido reports (ES) on the US government's refusal to grant US cyclists travel permits so they could contest the XXXII Vuelta a Cuba race, which takes place later this month. The 2003 edition of the race was won by American Todd Herriot.

Cuba: Dissident update

  1 February 2007

“Whether Fidel Castro is dead or only partially dead, the last six months have shown that the dictatorship he created is fully capable carrying on his repressive ways,” writes Marc Masferrer in the introduction to a post reporting on the situation of a few key Cuban dissidents and political prisoners.

Cuba: Fidel's Miami farewell party

  1 February 2007

Val Prieto answers those who believe that the party being planned by Miami's Cuban community to celebrate Fidel Castro's death is in bad taste: “Im going to pop open “la botellita”, wave my flags, honk my car horn, scream at the top of my lungs, dance in the streets, hug...