· September, 2006

Stories about Cuba from September, 2006

Argentina, Cuba: Ee Bonafini and Castro

  28 September 2006

Luis M. Garcia remembers his journalistic journey to Argentina after the election of Raul Alfonsin, where he did a story on the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo. Years later he is disappointed to find that the group's leader, Hebe de Bonafini described Fidel Castro as “a great and visionary...

Cuba: Dengue fever

  25 September 2006

By making the eradication of the Aedes aegypti mosquito a government priority, Raúl Castro has more or less admitted that Cuba has a dengue fever problem, says Luis M. Garcia, “and yet, the secrecy-obsessed Communist regime refuses to reveal the extent of the epidemic.”

Cuba: Transport conference

  19 September 2006

Luis M. Garcia finds it ironic that Cuba, “a country with one of the worst transport systems on the planet,” has been chosen as the venue for an international transport conference.

Cuba: Raúl's title

  19 September 2006

Cuban news daily Granma calls Raúl Castro, “President of the Council of State”. “Probably a simple sub-editing mistake,” says Luis M. Garcia.

Cuba: Oil find?

  14 September 2006

Luis M. Garcia is skeptical about reports of large quanities of oil having been found off the coast of Cuba.

Caribbean, USA: West Indian Day Parade

  11 September 2006

Will, a Dutch student newly arrived at New York's Columbia University, takes in last Monday's West Indian Day Parade: “A giant Caribbean parade which takes place in Brooklyn on the Labour Day Holiday . . . . The first part of it was made use of by American politicians (Congressional...

Cuba, Bahamas: Ambassadorial priorities

  8 September 2006

The Cuban ambassador to the Bahamas has been promoting the Non-Aligned Movement Summit which takes place in Havana from September 11, says Rick Lowe, but “we wonder if he will pay as much attention to the plight of the wives of the Cuban political prisoners asking for the release of...

Martinique/Guadeloupe: Hike in Prices to Cuba

  8 September 2006

According to (Fr) the Martiniquan site Bondamanjak: “Cuba just ended direct flights from Fort-de-France and Pointe-a-Pitre to Habana. That news will hinder those who have established commercial and other contacts with the biggest Caribbean island. By going through Miami, the exchanges will remain possible but everything will take longer and...

Cuba, Bolivia: The ballet tours; Evo visits

  7 September 2006

Luis M. Garcia reports that the Cuban National Ballet is receiving mixed reviews on its tour of Europe and notes that a visit to Cuba by Evo Morales has been reported on Cuban television.

Cuba: Non-Aligned Movement

  6 September 2006

The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) holds its heads of government meeting next week in Havana, Cuba. Luis M. Garcia remembers the NAM well from his childhood growing up in Cuba and offers this view: “It’s got 115 members or thereabouts, it meets regularly and produces communiqués and plenty of photographs of...

Cuba: Darsi Ferrer released

  5 September 2006

Misceláneas de Cuba publishes statements made by Cuban dissident Dr. Darsi Ferrer Ramírez, who was detained by Cuban police over the weekend. Ferrer was released on Saturday.

Cuba: Chavez visits again

  4 September 2006

Cuban television has broadcast more video of ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro being visited by his friend and ally, President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela, reports Luis M. Garcia, who gleans two key messages from the footage.

Trinidad & Tobago: Youth, alcohol, cigarettes

  4 September 2006

The Manicou applauds a new Drug Abuse Prevention policy proposed by the Trinidad & Tobago Ministry of Education aimed at making all schools smoke and drug free, but wonders what effect this could have on the fundraising parties held on the premises of certain schools