· December, 2005

Stories about Cuba from December, 2005

Cuba: Blessings from Bamboleo

30 December 2005

Farandulera has a video clip of Bamboleo's lead singer, Tanya Pantoja blessing the audience during a show in Havana this past summer.

Cuba: Tolerance of Homosexuality

27 December 2005

Leftside says a new exhibit in Cuba by photographer Robert Mapplethorpe signals an attitude shift in Cuban society regarding tolerance of homosexuality.

Panama, Cuba: How To Roast A Pig The Cuban Way

  20 December 2005

Melissa, The Cooking Diva writes with pride about having “Latino blood” and then points readers to fellow Panamanian chef, Elena Hernandez, who lets out her Cuban father's secret recipes of Lechón Asado a la Cubana (Roast Pork, Cuban Style), Arroz Congrí (Red Beans with Rice), and Yuca con Mojo (Boiled...

Cuba, Dominican Republic, USA: World Baseball Classic

  16 December 2005

Steven Mansour asks for the justification for not allowing Cuba's baseball team to play in the inaugural World Baseball Classic. Meanwhile, World Baseball Classic Blog says that New York-born Alex Rodriguez is currently leaning towards playing with the Dominican Republic team instead of the U.S. team in the tournament.

Cuba: Code Pink's Visit

7 December 2005

Steven Mansour and Val Prieto each note that Code Pink will be visiting Cuba for New Year's.

Cuba, Caribbean: Tourism and Imperialism

  2 December 2005

wayne&wax takes aim at a recent article in the New York Times about Cuba's burgeoning tourist industry in which Ian Schrager describes Jamaica and the Dominican Republic as “atolls” compared to Cuba's “distinct personality.”