· August, 2005

Stories about Cuba from August, 2005

Cuba: 1929 Havana Travel Ad

31 August 2005

Havana Journal finds an old Cuban travel advertisement from a 1929 issue of National Geographic, which describes the island as “so near at hand – so easily reached – that no American need suppress his desire for foreign travel.”

Mexico, Cuba: Blog of the Week

  31 August 2005

Blogs Mexico has chosen SABROSON, written in Spanish by a witty Cuban immigrant who has been living in Mexico City since 1990, as blog of the week.

Cuba: Open Source Radio

18 August 2005

Open Source Radio is looking for Cubans and/or Cuban Americans to discuss Cuba's underground economy on Monday's show.

Cuba: Anti-Castro Bloggers Meme

4 August 2005

George Moneo on Babalu Blog is trying to spread a bloggers’ meme to start a “I've Had Enough” campaign throughout the Cuban-American blogosphere.

Cuba: Holding on to Television

1 August 2005

Mora at Babalu Blog reports that some government agents tried confiscating a television with an illegal satellite dish, but that the neighborhood resisted.