· July, 2005

Stories about Cuba from July, 2005

Latin America Responds to TeleSur's Launch

  28 July 2005

This past Sunday a small group of 25 journalists in Caracas, Venezuela began pilot-broadcasting a new Pan-American satellite news network called TeleSur which, by September, hopes to be reaching audiences all throughout the Americas with at least nine regional bureaus including Colombia, Argentina, Cuba, Brazil, Washington D.C, La Paz and...

Cuba: Hamburgers

26 July 2005

A contributor to A Hamburger Today visited Cuba to get the low down on the Socialist Island's hamburger scene. Though he encountered “the kindest people I've ever met,” the taste of the hamburgers left something to be desired: “The burger stayed in my mind for days. I kept tasting that...

Cuba: Blackouts Continue

21 July 2005

Mora reports on Babalu Blog that the blackouts are continuing throughout Cuba as the island tries to get back on its feet after a series of hurricanes and tropical storms.

Economics With A Face: Cuba Archives

20 July 2005

Peter Mork and his wife, Emily Marie Stremel Mork have an amazing series of posts and photographs on their recent trip to Cuba. You can be sure Peter, an economist, will soon be posting some more reflections on their visit to the socialist island.

Cuba: Ignoring embargo, Americans film in Cuba

18 July 2005

Both Havana Journal and Babalu mention the an American film which was shot in Cuba thus ignoring the embargo. Babalu's post, though brief, has generated an impressive response about both the film itself and the embargo it ignored.

Babalu Blog Becomes Search Blog

11 July 2005

Babalu Blog has become an important resource for anyone seeking information on Huricane Dennis’ impact on Cuba.

Americas Daily Blog Roundup

  7 July 2005

Jeff Barry spreads the word about early 20th century Argentine artist, Xul Solar. Barrio Flores has an excellent post about Bolivian cinema. Blog de Bolivia seeks to explain Carlos Mesa's increasing popularity [es] as the December general elections approach. MABB covers former Bolivian president, Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada's thoughts on...

Americas Roundup

  4 July 2005

Tomas Sancio of Venezuelan Politics explains why Venezuelans trade Bolívares for US dollars in the black market. Jorge Arena of Arena Space writes on The Devil's Excrement about the recent murder of three engineering students by the Venezuelan police and what must be done to bring forth justice. Morena discusses...

Friday Global Blog Roundup

  1 July 2005

We’re always looking for new ideas and good stories to write about. If you have a story or a blog post that you think would be a good fit for our daily roundups, email us with the link! East Asia ESWN has a nice photo essay covering Hong Kong’s annual...