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Stories about Brazil from November, 2010

Brazil: why does the media fear debate?

  10 November 2010

On his blog, Ricardo Kotscho asks himself [pt] why Brazil's mainstream media is so afraid to debate new regulation of the sector. Meanwhile, Rogério Tomaz Jr, from the blog Conexão Brasília Maranhão, discusses [pt] the need for greater social control of the media in order to promote democracy.

Brazil: online xenophobia targeting north-easterners

  4 November 2010

Lirabellaqua, from blogging collective Trezentos [pt], and political blogger Rodrigo Vianna [pt] weigh in on the recent slew of online hate speech [pt] that has targeted north-eastern Brazilians who voted for president-elect Dilma Rousseff. Supporters of Dilma's opponent, Jose Serra, spread tweets condemning voters in the impoverished region, where Dilma won a...

Brazil: online revolt against TV channel

  4 November 2010

Many Twitter users, such as @ligadoemsérie [pt], @todearaujo [pt], @judaocombr [br] and @Inagaki [pt] tweeted their dissatisfaction with pay-TV channel FOX [pt] for its premiere of a long-awaited horror series that was shown with several cuts [pt], reducing broadcast time by ten minutes.

Brazil: Right of reply on Twitter

  1 November 2010

Gabriela Zago, from the ius communicatio blog tells us [pt] about the first time Brazil's TSE (Superior Electoral Court) granted the right of reply on Twitter. Rui Falcão, one of president-elect Dilma Rousseff's campaign coordinators, was condemnd by the TSE for allegedly posting offensive tweets regarding opposition candidate, José Serra.

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