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Stories about Brazil from July, 2010

Brazil: Prejudice against Paraguay in the Media

  12 July 2010

A diplomatic incident between Brazil and Paraguay broke out in the same day that the latter was eliminated from the World Cup. In focus is a prejudiced video report about the participation of Paraguay in the Cup, which was broadcasted by a Brazilian television channel, Rede Globo's SporTV.

Brazil: Yellow Whistles Warn about Global Hunger

  9 July 2010

The 1 Billion Hungry campaign was officially launched in Brazil on July 1st. The purpose of this global initiative is to put pressure on politicians to combat hunger. Bloggers have started to debate hunger and to raise concerns on this subject, while trying to virtually catch the attention of audiences.

Brazil: Twitter Jokes on a ‘Red Card Player’

  5 July 2010

Considered by many the main culprit for the elimination of the Brazilian team at the 2010 FIFA World Cup due to his bad behaviour in the football field, player Felipe Melo became the victim of a series of jokes in the twittersphere [pt].

Brazil: Critic to Vatican's position on the death of Saramago

  5 July 2010

Leonardo Sakamoto criticizes [pt] Vatican's position on the death of portuguese Nobel Prize winner José Saramago. He says that “there are people celebrating the death of Saramago”, referring to an article which was published in Italy's main Roman Catholic  newspaper “L’Osservatore Romano”.

Brazil: Football and Patriotism During the World Cup

  2 July 2010

Many bloggers in Brazil have criticized the seasonal wave of patriotism taking place during the World Cup. For some, patriotism is the face of fascist ideologies, while for others the Brazilian team is such a disappointment that they prefer to support the Argentinean national team.

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