· June, 2011

Stories about Bolivia from June, 2011

Bolivia: Using Cellphone Cameras to Document Incidents

  30 June 2011

On June 28 Oscar Trujillo was hit by the driver of police colonel Guido Espinoza in La Paz. After Trujillo complained, the colonel got out of his car and assaulted him, even taking out his weapon. The incident was recorded with cellphone cameras. Blogger Mario R. Duran [es] of Palabras...

Bolivia: The ‘Gran Poder’ Festival in Photos

  21 June 2011

Pablo Andrés Rivero writes [es] about the ‘Gran Poder‘ festival in La Paz. Pablo describes the music, dances and colorful clothing worn during the parades. He also links to his set of photos of the event on Flickr under a Creative Commons license.

Bolivia: Traveling Through the Chaos

  15 June 2011

“The power is in the streets, the law is carried out with blockades, the state has almost lost authority, people do what they want and there is no order. Worse, there are a lot of racism, much resentment from the indigenous to the ‘white’ man…”: Maria Eugenia Robles [es], a...

Colombia: Robbery at Andean Parliament Headquarters

  10 June 2011

On June 7, members of the Andean Parliament were robbed at the organization’s headquarters in Bogotá, Colombia. On Twitter netizens posted their opinions, mostly rejecting what had happened, with the hashtag #Parlamentoandino.

Bolivia: Tweeting with Senator Centa Rek

  3 June 2011

The reaction from Bolivian Senator Centa Rek to a request from a blogger asking her to provide evidence for the claim she made on Twitter about money laundering and drug trafficking led to an outpouring of criticism towards the elected official because of her claims of being persecuted by infiltrated government agents.