· June, 2010

Stories about Bolivia from June, 2010

Bolivia: Evo Morales and His Indigenous and Environmental Challenges

  27 June 2010

In the blog Pronto, Miguel Centellas writes that despite the logical assumption that indigenous groups would never go against Evo Morales, “the government is losing its grip on the indigenous movement.” Centellas analyses the indigenous and environmental challenges the Bolivian government is facing.

Bolivia: Teaching Web 2.0

  10 June 2010

In an effort to expand the use of social media and Web 2.0 in Bolivia, Alberto Medrano from the blog Letras Alteñas [es] taught a course on the subject and noticed great enthusiasm from the people of El Alto to learn about these new technologies.

Bolivia: The Cost of Internet Domains

  9 June 2010

In Bolivia, the cost to obtain a country-specific internet domain has been seen as too expensive. Some bloggers and twitterers have expressed their concern on the Facebook page of the state institution administering the domains, and carried over their campaign to their blogs and Twitter accounts.

Bolivia: Movie on Immigration Debuting Online

  3 June 2010

The Bolivian movie, “En busca del paraíso” [es] (“Searching for Paradise”) will be released in Spain on June 11 through Televeo.com [es]. Miguel Esquirol Ríos [es] explains that the movie is about Bolivian immigrants in Spain; he is happy that the movie will reach a foreign audience through the Internet.

Bolivia: International Book Fair in Santa Cruz Breaks Own Record

  2 June 2010

The XI International Book Fair held in Santa Cruz has set a new record this year with over fifteen thousand attendees in the first five days. The fair this year commemorates the Bicentennial of Santa Cruz, as Willy Andres [es] explains. Sixty new literary pieces will be presented; the fair ends June 6 [es].