· August, 2009

Stories about Bolivia from August, 2009

Bolivia: Price for a Stand at Book Fair

  18 August 2009

Willy Jordan writes that the price for each square meter of a stand at the latest La Paz Book Fair [es] costs Bs. 600, approximately 85 USD, which makes it out of reach for some small publishers to participate.

Bolivia: Divided Opposition

  17 August 2009

In the upcoming December elections in Bolivia, Miguel Centrellas of Pronto* writes that the dozen opposition candidates will divide the vote when facing the incumbent President Evo Morales.

Bolivia: Bizz Awards for Companies

  14 August 2009

Renzo Colanzi of Mientras Estás Aquí [es] uncovers the real meaning of the “Bizz Awards,” which Bolivian companies like the airline Aerosur have been congratulations themselves for receiving. Colanzi finds out that companies can pay to register and receive the award.

Brazil: Bolivia expels Brazilian citizens

  10 August 2009

Evo Morales' government claims that recent expulsions of Brazilians from its territory is focused on matters of sovereignty, but some Brazilian bloggers suggest it is to settle government supporters in their place.