· July, 2009

Stories about Bolivia from July, 2009

Peru: The Move of Bolivian Textile Companies

  22 July 2009

Renatto of Real Politik [es] writes about the move of Bolivian textile companies to neighboring Peru to take advantage of its Free Trade Agreement with the United States, after Bolivia was not renewed for the Andean Trade Promotion and Drug Eradication Act.   

Bolivia: The Return of the “Minister of Cocaine”

  13 July 2009

During the military dictatorship in Bolivia in the early 1980s, Minister of the Interior Luis Arce Gómez had a bit of advice for dissidents, “walk around with their written will under their arms.” After serving a sentence in the US for drug trafficking, the "Minister of Cocaine" was returned to Bolivia where he will serve out his remaining sentence.

Bolivia: The Return of Luis Arce Gómez

  11 July 2009

Former Bolivian military officer Luis Arce Gómez, who was part of the dictatorship of Luis García Meza in the early 1980s, returned to the country after finishing his sentence in the United States. Alberto Medrano of Letras Alteñas [es] writes that he was sent directly to the maximum security prison...

Caribbean: On the Honduran Coup

  2 July 2009

Writing at Havana Times, Guillermo Fernandez Ampie examines the Honduran coup d’état, while Repeating Islands reports that “heads of state throughout the Caribbean region have expresses their condemnation of the military coup in Honduras that has removed President Manuel Zelaya from office.”