· April, 2009

Stories about Bolivia from April, 2009

Bolivia: Piecing Together the Life of an Accused Terrorist

  19 April 2009

Bolivian police killed three foreign nationals in a Santa Cruz hotel. What is not entirely clear is the connection between the men, who national authorities say were a part of a terrorist cell that had been planning to assassinate President Evo Morales, as well as others from the opposition. One man has emerged as the ringleader of the group, Eduardo Rózsa-Flores, a Bolivian-Hungarian citizen with a long history. The media, as well as bloggers, have been trying to piece together his background to draw conclusions.

Bolivia: Journalist Rojas Resigns Due to Threats

  15 April 2009

Andrés Rojas, the Bolivian journalist who was threatened with expulsion from working in the city of El Alto by the Regional Worker's Union for what they perceived to be negative portrayals of the city, resigned from his position at Channel 57 based on anonymous death threats to him and his...

The World According to Mom

  14 April 2009

What do blogging mothers around the world think are the five best things about being a mom? Global Voices has teamed up with Catherine Connors a.k.a. Her Bad Mother in Canada to ask this question and encourage mom-bloggers around the world to reach out and link to one another. So far, more than 85 bloggers in 26 countries have responded. But we're still looking for more.

Bolivia: Unlikely and Historic 6-1 Win Over Argentina

  5 April 2009

With head coach Diego Maradona and his squad of superstars in La Paz to face Bolivia in a World Cup qualifying football match, it was expected to be another easy victory for Argentina ranked 6th in the world. However, it was the Bolivian team that shocked the entire continent with at the unexpected 6-1 victory bringing about renewed hope and faith in the national team.