· December, 2008

Stories about Bolivia from December, 2008

Americas: A Look Back at 2008

  26 December 2008

In 2008, the Latin American team from Global Voices helped add context and helped highlight voices of bloggers that wrote about the numerous news stories that took place across the region. From the election of an ex-bishop in Paraguay to the march against the FARC in Colombia, bloggers provided their thoughts on natural disasters, protests, strikes, and important events across the Americas.

Bolivia: The Business of Digital Piracy in El Alto

  18 December 2008

Music and movie piracy in Bolivia is commonplace. Wilfredo Jordán takes a look at the business in El Alto, Bolivia and how many vendors travel to the Peruvian border to purchase goods to resell [es].

Bolivia: Apartment Hunting in La Paz

  18 December 2008

Looking for an apartment in La Paz is tough [es] writes Juan José. In a city that is known for its low temperatures, an apartment with a lot of sunlight is highly sought after.

Bolivia: National Electoral Court Under Exeni

  14 December 2008

Miguel Centellas of Pronto* examines the National Electoral Court under the leadership of José Luís Exeni, which”has become one of the most institutionalized instruments of the legal framework of Bolivia’s democracy.”

Bolivia: Irresponsible Driving in School Zones

  7 December 2008

Marisol Medina of Lenguas Cultura y Sociedad [es] witnessed an unfortunate accident in El Alto, Bolivia, when a bus hit a student and she faults the bus driver to not being aware of pedestrians in school zones.