· May, 2008

Stories about Bolivia from May, 2008

Bolivia: Bloguivianos 2008 Website

  30 May 2008

The organizers of the 2008 version of the Bloguivianos bloggers conference recently launched their website [es]. The 2nd annual Bolivian bloggers conference will take place over two days in El Alto and La Paz on August 29-30.

Bolivia: Blog for Camiri

Camiri Digital [es] is a new blog for residents of Camiri, a Bolivian town in the southeastern part of the country. It also helps unite those residents who now live in different parts of Bolivia, as well as those living abroad.

Bolivia: Radio Station Website Hacked

  22 May 2008

In Bolivia, the website of the radio station where political analyst and government critic Carlos Valverde holds his radio station was recently hacked. Renzo Colanzi of Mientras Estás Aquí [es] has the screenshot of the hackers’ message that states that it was done for Bolivarian integration.

Bolivia: Plaza John Paul II in Oruro

  13 May 2008

Hugo Miranda writes about and takes photos of the opening of the Plaza John Paul II in Oruro, Bolivia [es]. The public space is presented twenty years after the Pope visited the city.

Bolivia: Autonomy Referendum Raises Questions

  4 May 2008

Santa Cruz, Bolivia will head to the polls today in a department-wide referendum on a controversial autonomic statute, which would grant more administrative and economic powers to the state government. Not every Cruceño will participate, however, as many share the opinion of the central government that the referendum is illegal and unconstitutional. Bloggers, no matter where they stand on the statute, hope for no incidents of violence.