· April, 2008

Stories about Bolivia from April, 2008

Bolivia: Public Transport in Santa Cruz

  17 April 2008

Public transport in Santa Cruz is a big problem, as noted by Professor Miriam Vidal. Bus fare has risen to 33% recently, and many schoolchildren are bypassed by drivers because they do not pay the full fare [es].

Bolivia: Reflections on Autonomy Referendum

  14 April 2008

On May 4, a Referendum whether or not to implement a controversial autonomy statute will take place in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Miguel Centellas of Pronto* provides his reflections on the process and its meaning.

Video on Flickr: An apple of dischord

  9 April 2008

Seventeen hours after its creation, the Flickr group "NO VIDEO ON FLICKR!!!" already has more than 5475 members and 670 items. What is even more amazing is that another group, "We Say NO to Videos on Flickr", created 2 hours later, has more than double the number of members of the previously mentioned group, and both are composed of flickr users who oppose the idea of having video on the platform traditionally used for uploading pictures. On the other hand, the groups created for uploaded videos hardly have more than 30 members yet. What is the reason for this insatisfaction with Yahoo and Flickr's decision to make video uploading and viewing possible on their site?

Bolivia: Poor Service by Hipermaxi

  9 April 2008

Andrés Pucci [es] and Renzo Colanzi [es] have started an online campaign against poor service by the supermarket Hipermaxi in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Colanzi writes that the supermarket has begun the habit of giving out candy instead of coins, of which they claim they are out. He makes the calculation...

Bolivia: How Some Postal Workers Add to Pay

  8 April 2008

The Bolivian post office is striking and asking for an increase in wages, but the blogger A.L.K.O.L.I.C.A [es] writes about other ways that some postal workers have added to their pay, such as opening packages and taking items and money.