· October, 2007

Stories about Bolivia from October, 2007

Bolivia: Columnist Uses Blog to Draft Cyber-Proposal With Readers

  22 October 2007

The Bolivian government announced a drastic change in providing retirement benefits to elderly Bolivians under a plan called “Renta Dignidad”. These funds replace the annual “Bonosol”, and will come directly from the Direct Hydrocarbons Tax (IDH for its initials in Spanish) and will be payable once a month for all...

Voces Bolivianas: Two Mile High Citizen Media (Part I)

  19 October 2007

One of five Rising Voices outreach award winners, Voces Bolivianas is a participatory citizen’s media project that promotes the use of online media to allow Bolivians especially from underrepresented groups to share their stories about their lives and communities, thus deciding how they are represented.

Bolivia: Bars Burning

  17 October 2007

Mario Duran of Palabras Libres [ES] provides firsthand photos of bars and nightclubs in El Alto, Bolivia that were burned by neighbors, who accused the establishments of selling alcohol to minors and being centers of crime.

Americas: The Kick Off for World Cup Qualifiers

  17 October 2007

The road to the World Cup South Africa 2010 began this past weekend in South America. The Global Voices Latin American team joined forces to bring you reactions from across the continent as some teams marked surprising victories, while others felt the sour taste of defeat.

Bolivia: The Plane Carrying Morales for Visit to the U.S.

  8 October 2007

Martin P. Gutierrez of Vitrina de la Realidad Boliviana [ES] discusses the details behind the claims of mistreatment when President Evo Morales arrived in the United States in a Venezuelan plane with pilots, crew and security from the other South American country.

Catching Up with Rising Voices Outreach Projects

  7 October 2007

Since we last visited the Rising Voices outreach award winners, much progress has been made, including the introduction of the world's first weblog in the Andean indigenous language of Aymara. But first, let us begin in Medellín, Colombia where HiperBarrio continues to make strides in its hillside working class neighborhoods. And they've attracted some much deserved recognition for their efforts ...

Bolivia: Visit by Iranian President to La Paz

Fresh off of a controversial visit to New York City, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrived in the Bolivian capital of La Paz, where he signed several agreements of cooperation with President Evo Morales. The two unlikely partners have had few diplomatic ties in the past and bloggers in Bolivia and Iran weigh in on possible reasons for this new alliance.

Bolivia: Morales Speech at Cooper Union

4 October 2007

President Evo Morales of Bolivia recently spoke at Cooper Union in New York City. Beautiful Horizons’ Randy Paul was in the audience and shares his thoughts on the talk.