· August, 2007

Stories about Bolivia from August, 2007

Bolivia: The Latest in Blogs

23 August 2007

Actualidad Boliviana [ES] continues its broad overview of what Bolivian bloggers are talking about in its weekly summary.

Bolivia: Following the Swiss Example

  21 August 2007

Carlos Gustavo Machicado of Guccio's [ES] comments on a recent speech by President Evo Morales, who stated his desire for Bolivia to follow the example set by Switzerland. Machiado writes, “The reactions have been favorable because it is good that we want to be like Switzerland, and not like Venezuela...

Bolivia: National Pride During Military Parade

  15 August 2007

Beverly Centellas of Mom's Blog reflects on the controversial military parade in Santa Cruz, which demonstrated that Bolivia “sure understands the word ‘respect’ when it comes to their flag and their nation, even in the midst of national crisis and disaccord.”

Bolivia: Wishes and Relief on Independence Day

  10 August 2007

August 6th marked Bolivia's Independence Day and also marked a time for Bolivian bloggers to reflect on the current state of their country. Many recognize that the nation still has a long way to go, but others paint a picture of a country that they would like to see.

Bolivia: Recipes Blog

  10 August 2007

Cocina Boliviana [ES] is a new food blog dedicated to the promotion of Bolivian recipes.

Bolivia: Peaceful Parades in Santa Cruz

  8 August 2007

José Andrés Sánchez of El pais de las maravillas [ES] was moved to see the absence of any confrontation between residents of Santa Cruz and members of indigenous groups that marched in the military parade. This was contrary to the predictions of conflict during Bolivian Independence Day festivities.