· January, 2007

Stories about Bolivia from January, 2007

Bolivia: Advice From and For Morales

  31 January 2007

While Bolivia Rising posts the translated text of Evo Morales speech at the World Social Forum in Nairobi, Jim Shultz of The Democracy Center publishes “three messages that Morales and MAS need to hear.”

Bolivian Bloggers Give Their Verdict

  31 January 2007

This time last year, Bolivia and the rest of the world was buzzing about the inauguration of President Evo Morales and the novelty of it all. With approval ratings at sky-high levels, many wondered and were hopeful about the upcoming year. Would he follow through with all of his campaign...

Bolivia: Promoting Quechua and Aymara

  30 January 2007

Bloggings by boz links to a report from today's Washington Post reporting that “Bolivian President Morales’ government is making a major push to teach students Quechua and Aymara, Bolivia's two main native languages.” If you'd like to learn a little Quechua why not start with this lesson [ES] on bringing...

Bolivia: 1/11: An Eyewitness Account

  25 January 2007

Jim Shultz on the violent protests that broke out in Cochabamba two weeks ago: “Since then I have also spoken to a half dozen people who were eyewitnesses to those events. One of those accounts, from a non-participant, Jonas Brown, a US citizen who lives in the exact spot where...

The Global Voices Show #4

  22 January 2007

Finally — the fourth episode of The Global Voices Show has landed! In this edition we feature excerpts from the following podcasts: - The IndiCast (India) – also see Global Voices article “The Blogospheres on Big Brother, Shilpa Shetty, Bullying and Racism“ – Pambazuka News (Zimbabwe) – Palabras Libres (Bolivia)...

Bolivia: A Conflict Online

  22 January 2007

Video taken by Estotaweno of the “Youth for Democracy” crowd that broke through the police line towards an eventual confrontation with coca farmers in Cochabamba. January 11, 2007 is already being called “Black January” for the civil conflict that left 2 dead and hundreds injured in the city of Cochabamba....

Bolivia: One year of Morales

  22 January 2007

Jim Shultz and Boz each give their own analysis of Evo Morales’ first year in office. Mark in Mexico takes a jab at Morales following his claim that Mexican President Felipe Calderón humiliated him at the Mercosur summit.

Brazilian Blogs on Chávez, Lula and the Mercosur Summit

  19 January 2007

Presidents from most South American countries are gathered in Rio de Janeiro for a meeting of the Mercosur trading group, and Hugo Chavez is again the attention drawer. Local bloggers have been substantially posting about the Venezuelan president since he announced the move to cancel the broadcasting license to (TV...

Bolivia: Update on a Crisis

  19 January 2007

While Jim Shultz does not believe that protesters either in opposition or support of Governor Manfred Reyes were paid to be there, he does think that “those on the streets (and the families affected who weren't in the streets) were caught in a political power play that none of them...

Bolivia: “Women Creating” Against Evo Morales

  18 January 2007

Francisco Giglio has posted photos from the Casa de la Culture in La Paz by a group of female anarchist artists called Mujeres Creando (“Women Creating”) protesting Evo Morales’ government. Rosario Lizana has transcribed the text [ES] from one of the photographs.

Chilean Bloggers on Bolivia’s Chaos

  18 January 2007

Chilean Bloggers are concerned with what is happening in Bolivia. As Tomás Bradanovic (ES) explains: La horrible situación por la que está atravesando Bolivia tiene en su base un enorme malentendido donde tanto el gobierno como la oposición son incapaces de comprender el pensamiento del otro. Juzgan y actúan equivocadamente...

Bolivia: Waiting in Cochabamba, Making Demands in El Alto

  16 January 2007

Writing from Cochabamba, Jim Shultz reports that soldiers are maintaining at least a façade of calm while Bolivia Rising translates an article from La Razón about demands from El Alto for the immediate resignations of Cochabamba Prefect Manfred Reyes Villa and La Paz Prefect Jose Luis Paredes.

Cochabamba in Mourning – Bolivian Bloggers React

  12 January 2007

Paz (Peace)Photo used with permission by Flickr user Miskifotitos. “Pueblo vs. Pueblo” (People vs. People) is how the blogger at Voz Boliviana [ES] described the clash between citizens in Cochabamba, Bolivia’s fourth-largest city and left many lamenting and angry at the course of events, which left 2 dead and close...

Bolivia: “Walking the Battle Zone”

  12 January 2007

Jim Shultz, Miguel Buitrago, and Boz on the escalating violence in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Bolivia Rising translates a note seeking an end to the conflict from the MAS website.

Bolivia: “War Zone” in Cochabamba

  11 January 2007

A breaking news update from Jim Shultz in Cochabamba: “As I write this the Center of Cochabamba has just become a war zone. Crowds of hundreds of, mostly young men, armed with heavy sticks, are in open conflict on the block below our office and throughout the Center of Cochabamba....

Bolivia: Protests Turn Violent in Cochabamba

  10 January 2007

A rally calling for the resignation of Governor Manfred Reyes Villa turned violent in Cochabamba on Monday, writes Cochabamba resident Jim Shultz, who goes on to detail the political fall out, concluding that the call for Reyes-Villa’s resignation was “a political miscalculation.” Day two resulted in an even larger –...

Not So Fast! – Bolivia to Require Visas from U.S. Citizens

  4 January 2007

Este artículo también está disponible en español en el sitio Blogs de Bolivia In a surprise move, the Bolivian government announced that it will no longer allow U.S. citizens to freely enter the country without a visa obtained at a consulate. Citing reciprocity and security concerns, any U.S. citizens including...

Bolivia: And the winner is …

2 January 2007

Mundo al Reves announces [ES] that Crónicas Urbandinas [ES], written by Estido from La Paz, received the most votes as the best Bolivian blog. The three runners-up are also listed.