· February, 2006

Stories about Bolivia from February, 2006

Venezuela, Bolivia: Latin American Conferences in US

  28 February 2006

Ben Dangl invites readers in Vermont to attend the “Winds of Change in the Americas” conference on Sunday, March 5th while Venezuelan, Miguel Octavio informs his readers of a talk by Professor Javier Corrales on “Chavez and the Rise of Competitive Authoritarianism,” which will take place in Boston tomorrow evening.

Bolivia: Support for Morales, but not Courts

  27 February 2006

Eduardo Ávila links to a survey which says that 79% of Bolivians approve of new president, Evo Morales so far. Meanwhile, Miguel Buitrago points to the large distrust of the Bolivian justice system, asking, “is this a crisis of the democratic sistem or is it a realignment?”

Bolivia: U.S. Revokes Politician's Visa

26 February 2006

Boz, Eduardo Ávila, and Adam Isacson all disapprove of the United States revoking the visa of Bolivian peasant leader and Morales ally, Leonida Zurita.

Bolivia: The “Sound Mobile”

  23 February 2006

Eduardo Ávila has posted a video of his friend, Miguel campaigning in Quechua via a giant speaker attached to the roof of his car in the outskirts of Cochabamba. Ávila has also posted a picture of what he calls the “Sound Mobile:” a minivan equipped with booming speakers to get...

The Week That Was – Bolivian Blogs

22 February 2006

Este post también está disponible en español. The spotlight still remains on the actions of this new government. Some Bolivian bloggers express their interactions with members of the new team. For example, Fadrique Iglesias Mendizábal is responsible for the blog El Clavo en el Zapato (The Nail in the Shoe)....

Bolivia: Visiting Chapare's Coca Farmers

22 February 2006

As the Bush administration rethinks its policy towards Bolivia's coca farmers, Ben Dangl describes his recent visit to Eterazama in the coca-producing region of Chapare. He visits a market where vendors are surprised to hear that the coca leaf is illegal in the US, talks with two coca farmer organizers,...

The Week That Was – Bolivian Blogs

15 February 2006

Want proof that the Bolivian blogosphere is a steadily growing community? In a recent email to the Bolivian blog listserv, Sebastian Molina, one of the masterminds behind the Mundo Al Revés series of blogs, announced his upcoming wedding and how blogs will play a big part in the big day....

Bolivia: Road Blockades in Altiplano

13 February 2006

Ben Dangl describes his nine-hour bus ride from La Paz to Cochabamba where he encountered a road blockade in the mountainous town of Alitplano that inspired conversation with a fellow traveler named Kuki.

Bolivia: Troubled Airline and U.S. Relations

10 February 2006

Eduardo Ávila has two posts on the current troubles for the airline, Lloyd Aereo Boliviano (LAB). Jim Shultz tries to decipher Washington's mixed signals towards Bolivia and then calls a rumored reduction of US aid to the country a “good thing twice.”

The Week That Was – Bolivian Blogs

8 February 2006

Este artículo también está disponible en español en Blogs de Bolivia A commenter on the most recent Spanish translation of the Global Voices summary of Bolivian blog questioned, “Aren’t there other topics? Or do all of the Bolivian blogs only cover the socio-economic areas?” It may only seem that the...

Latin America: New Polls

  6 February 2006

Boz has two posts summing up the latest polls throughout Latin America while Eduardo Avila looks at a new poll in Bolivia which finds overwhelming support for President Evo Morales’ plans to reduce the salaries of politicians.

Bolivia: Morales with Jorge Ramos and George Bush

4 February 2006

Fausta's Blog links to a video of Bolivian president, Evo Morales becoming visibly agitated by Univision anchorman, Jorge Ramos’ prodding about his thoughts on Fidel Castro. He also translates a transcription of the exchange into English. The next day, responding to an article published in Spain's El Pais, Fausta's Blog...

The Week That Was – Bolivian Blogs

1 February 2006

Few knew quite what to expect during President Evo Morales’ first week in office. After the worldwide attention of the inauguration had settled, proposed policy decisions would draw the attention and critique from some of the bloggers. Undoubtedly many of the new policies are very different from previous administrations and...