· November, 2005

Stories about Latin America from November, 2005

Ecuador: Quayaquil and “Planting Trees”

  30 November 2005

Muerto de Risa describes her day trip to Ecuador's largest city, Quayaquil while Patricia Granda documents the difficulties and details of a carbon exchange program which was to plant 150,000 hectares in Ecuador to compensate for carbon emissions by a plant in The Netherlands.

Puerto Rico: Rules Amendments

  30 November 2005

Tom Lincoln of the Puerto Rico Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers has posted the new rules amendments which will go into effect on December 1st and also links to a general memorandum.

The Week That Was – Bolivian Blogs

  30 November 2005

The most comprehensive poll to date really got the ball rolling with an increase in discussion about the December 18th Presidential Elections in Bolivia. In addition to the election of a new President, Bolivia will be choosing Departmental prefects and an entirely new Congress. Miguel Buitrago (MABB) was one of...

Turning Point in Venezuelan Legislative Elections

  30 November 2005

Next Sunday, December 4, is election day for Venezuelan National Assembly deputies. The electoral race had been taking place without much ado from voters, and according polls projected abstention was to be around 70%. It was going to be an easy victory for President Chávez’ twin parties. However, last week...

Venezuela: Voting Machines

  29 November 2005

On Saturday, Tomas Sancio listed his concerns with voting machines that were to be used in the upcoming elections. Today Oil Wars explains that electoral authorities agreed to not use finger printing machines nor electronic voting lists. Still, several oppositions parties announced they were pulling out.

Costa Rica: Impact of the Internet on the 2006 Presidential Elections

  29 November 2005

La versión original de este artículo está disponible en español. These presidential elections have had a special element as they are the first elections where the internet has played a very important part. Not only for the web pages of the various political parties and candidates (ML, PLN, UPC, PAC,...

Cuba: “How Lovely is Cuba!”

  28 November 2005

Ernesto, a computer programmer in Havana who rarely writes about anything other than programming, describes Steven Mansour's Cuba Blog as the first weblog he has “found to be friendly and honest about this island.”

Argentina: Yanquis

  28 November 2005

Diego of Altered Argentina says he is much more impressed with the ex-pat community he has met in Argentina compared to his experience in Costa Rica and describes his ex-pat friends both online and off.

Presidential Election: Blogs and politics

  28 November 2005

We are 13 days from the presidential election. Every night, on TV, before the news hour, the 4 presidential candidates, belonging to different parties or coalitions, have the legal option to publicize their campaign and proposals for 5 minutes each, in all the open channels, at the same time. There...

Recent Posts From Peru

  27 November 2005

La versión original de este artículo está disponible en español. What follows is a small review of some recent posts chosen from various Peruvian blogs; posts that in one or another manner stir a certain interest: En the blog Nauta, the post “Y de pronto, nos quedamos sin periodicos (And...

Cuba: Travel Notebook

  25 November 2005

Steven Mansour, so far, has written chapters one, two, and three of his “Cuba Chronicles.”

Honduras: Election this Sunday

  25 November 2005

Boz writes about this Sunday's upcoming presidential election in Honuras. Honduras y el Mundo (ES), Opiniones Irreverentes (ES), Nuerocosmo (ES), and Hector A. Castillo (ES) are all filled with poetic pessimism by the state of Honduras’ democracy.

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