· September, 2005

Stories about Latin America from September, 2005

Mexico: Criticizing Mexican Culture

  30 September 2005

Mark in Mexico tries to defend an earlier post in which he was critical of Mexican culture and corruption. Today's post has new examples of cultural deficiency such as unclean ponds on Mexican golf courses.

The State of Bolivian Blogs

  30 September 2005

Este artículo también está disponible en español Over the past year, the number of blogs about Bolivia, by Bolivians and by those living in Bolivia has multiplied. Projects like Blogs de Bolivia and articles in the mainstream Bolivian press will draw more attention to this trend. As more people blog...

Chile: March Supporting Gay Rights

  29 September 2005

Andrés Duque has a summary of last weekend's march in Santiago, Chile to celebrate the “decision by the Education Ministry to adopt sexual orientation non-discrimination language in the standard high-school sexual education curriculum and saluted an initiative by the Chile Chamber of Deputies to combat hate crimes based on sexual...

El Salvador: Evacuation Unpreparedness

  29 September 2005

After summarizing an investigation which found that the Salvadoran government “has done little to prepare to evacuate the 12,700 people who live beside the Ilamatepec (Santa Ana) volcano,” Tim's El Salvador Blog today focuses on fleeing residents from the nearby community of Cantón Palo Campan who are not being supported...

Mexico: Congressional Independence

  28 September 2005

Michelle Dion and Matthew Shugart continue to disagree on the level of legislative independence and its political and electoral effects in Mexico.

Mexico: Chespirito

  28 September 2005

Matthias Goodman has an exhaustive post on the career of famed Mexican slap-stick comedian, Chesperito.

Bolivia: Global Perspective

  28 September 2005

MABB has a collection of news excerpts from around the world relating to Bolivia including a focused look on U.S. interest in the region.

Brazil: A Blogger's Introduction

  28 September 2005

Claudio Tellez, a German-born, conservative, Chilean mathematician living in Brazil offers an introductory first post on his new English-language weblog.

Venzuela: Starting to Dialogue

  28 September 2005

Responding to recent violations to freedom of speech in government-run media, Venezuelan bloggers have launched a collective weblog, En Diálogo [ES] (In Dialogue). The blog intends to bring people together from different political backgrounds to discuss the country's problems and put forward solutions.

Bolivia: Latest Poll

  27 September 2005

Barrio Flores has the results from the “latest” pre-election poll taken nearly three weeks ago. Eduardo wonders if the numbers have changed since front-runner Evo Morales announced he would end the controversial U.S. program on coca eradication if elected.

Argentina: Podcast Directory

  27 September 2005

podcast.com.ar has a comprehensive list of the few podcasts currently being produced in Argentina along with a larger list of podcasts from the Spanish speaking podosphere.

Bolivia: BBC Makes Factual Error

  26 September 2005

Miguel Centallas caught a factual error in a BBC article about Bolivia's election status, which so far has not been corrected. Several comments following the post are critical of BBC's coverage of Latin America.

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