· August, 2005

Stories about Latin America from August, 2005

Brazil: Tropeiros

  31 August 2005

South American Journal writes a post about the famed Tropeiros of Brazil accompanied by the impressive photography of Tatiana Cardeal.

Cuba: 1929 Havana Travel Ad

  31 August 2005

Havana Journal finds an old Cuban travel advertisement from a 1929 issue of National Geographic, which describes the island as “so near at hand – so easily reached – that no American need suppress his desire for foreign travel.”

Guatemala: Expats in Europe

  31 August 2005

Chapines en Europa is a web portal for Guatemalans living in Europe to share their experiences. The most popular post, as of late, links to live video feeds from Guatemala.

Guatemala: Reasons to Visit

  31 August 2005

Chapinadas notes that Chapines (Guatemalans) often take the beauty of their country for granted until it's seen from a visitor's perspective.

Mexico, Cuba: Blog of the Week

  31 August 2005

Blogs Mexico has chosen SABROSON, written in Spanish by a witty Cuban immigrant who has been living in Mexico City since 1990, as blog of the week.

Bolivia: Fall of the Frente Amplio

  31 August 2005

Eduardo of Barrio Flores jokingly suggests that presidential candidate Samuel Doria Medina better find himself a cutesy nickname if he wants any chance of staying in the race.

Blogs of the World, Aggregate!

  30 August 2005

Boris Anthony, our good friend and Global Voices’ beloved graphic designer/toolsmith, recently offered this observation: “….In the last 6 months, I have not worked on a single ‘weblog': it's all been various types of aggregators.” As blogging becomes mainstream around the world and journalists, corporations, politicians and non-governmental organizations join...

Mexico : 9 reglas

  29 August 2005

Sergio of Overcaffeinated informs us that the 9rules network will be opening itself up to content in Spanish on September 2nd.

Argentina: Victoria Ocampo’s House

  29 August 2005

Buenos Aires, City of Faded Elegance takes a look at the modernist architecture of Victoria Ocampo's house in Bueno Aires while GoodAirs looks at the glass-encased summertime home of ex-president Sarmiento.

Bolivia: Polling Games

  29 August 2005

Blog from Bolivia exposes the urban bias of the latest major public opinion poll in the newspaper, Los Tiempos.

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