· January, 2009

Stories about Ukraine from January, 2009

Estonia, Poland, Ukraine: The Holocaust

  17 January 2009

A Step At A Time quotes from an article on the “European complicity and responsibility” for the Holocaust and the ways in which Poland and Ukraine are dealing with “vague and extremely unfair accusations levelled at a whole nation.” AnTyx writes about Estonia's pre-war Jewish population: “While it is a...

Russia-Ukraine: The middleman of gas crisis

  11 January 2009

Robert Amsterdam discusses the role of RosUkrEnergo – the intermediary company that allegedly milks the profits out of the gas transit through Ukraine between Russian Gazprom and Ukrainian Naftogaz.

Russia-Romania: Redirecting the gas flow?

  10 January 2009

Gabriela Ionita of Power&Politics Weblog discusses Russian PM's Putin comment on redirecting its gas trade through Romania in the future by way of the projected SouthStream gas pipeline.

Russia-Ukraine: Variables of gas war

  6 January 2009

Streetwise Professor analyzes a few factors of significance for the ongoing gas war between Russia and Ukraine, whereas Leopolis presents some views from Kiev.