· January, 2008

Stories about Ukraine from January, 2008

Ukraine: Crimean Politicians

  18 January 2008

Orange Ukraine writes on how Crimean politicians “are asking for testing of Ukrainian language to be conducted in Russian” – or else they wouldn't let the country's PM enter the peninsula.

Ukraine: Kyiv Pictures

  14 January 2008

Ukrainiana takes a walk around Kyiv and posts pictures of garbage, gloom, holiday decorations and political ads disguised as holiday greetings.

World's Eyes on Obama

  14 January 2008

As his ratings continue to slip in the primaries, US presidential hopeful Barack Obama's popularity is on the rise among bloggers around the world. Global Voices Online editors and contributors joined hands to bring us the reactions of bloggers from Japan, Haiti, Republic of Macedonia, Pakistan, India, Ukraine, Singapore and Chile in this article.

Soviet History: Fartsovshchiki

  14 January 2008

Window on Eurasia writes about a review of a new book on Soviet fartsovshchiki: “In the 1970s and 1980s, ‘fartsovka’ grew so large that Vasil’yev suggests there were six different groups involved in acquiring goods — hotel workers, sailors on Soviet cargo ships, long-distance truckers, participants in Interclubs, guides, and...

Ukraine: Soviet-Era Savings – $200?

  4 January 2008

Ukrainiana writes about the evolution of Yulia Tymoshenko's campaign promise to refund Soviet-era savings: “So, if my parents had 6,000 rubles on deposit in the mid 80s, which could buy a Zhiguli, all they get is $200, a free haircut, and that's it? And you call that fair? And what...