· July, 2014

Stories about Ukraine from July, 2014

Russian Government IP Address Caught Editing German Wikipedia MH17 Article

RuNet Echo  29 July 2014

IP addresses inside the Russian government continue to be active on Wikipedia, where a computer at the Russian Secret Service, the FSO, revised the German entry for Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, changing the word “separatists” into “rebels.” The Twitter bot @RuGovEdits, which automatically logs all Wikipedia edits made from Russian government IP...

Kiev Kowtows to Washington … on Twitter

RuNet Echo  5 July 2014

Ukraine's new foreign minister, Pavlo Klimkin, is in hot water on the Russian Internet today, where bloggers are drawing attention to his first subscriptions on Twitter. RuNet users have noticed that some of the first accounts Klimkin chose to follow are US politicians John McCain and Mitt Romney, the neoconservative American think...

The Perils of the Lunar Putin

RuNet Echo  1 July 2014

Aleksandr Dugin, a controversial Russian scholar, says he's lost his job at Moscow State University, claiming that the President's alter ego—the Lunar Putin—is to blame.