· July, 2012

Stories about Ukraine from July, 2012

Ukraine: Forest Fires in Yalta, Crimea

  31 July 2012

On Facebook, Andrey Klimenko of BlackSeaNews.net posted night photos (here and here; ru) of the fire raging in the mountainous forest reserve near Yalta, Crimea. On July 31 [ru], there is smog, ashes in the air and strong northeast wind in Yalta: “Early in the morning it seemed it would...

Ukraine, Russia: Olympic Athletes’ Birthplace Controversy

RuNet Echo  31 July 2012

The official website of the London 2012 Olympics turned out to be not the most reliable source of info on a number of foreign-born members of the Russian team. Demanding corrections, Ukrainian netizens launched a protest letter-writing campaign, and even the Foreign Minister got involved via Twitter.

Ukraine: “Opposition Talk” Vs. Reality

  18 July 2012

Taras of Ukrainiana posts a video of the roundtable discussion by the Ukrainian “united opposition” (which took place on July 17 and lasted 3 hours and 37 minutes) – as well as videos featuring “Dnipropetrovsk subway construction workers who have gone without pay for six months” and a Dnipropetrovsk woman...

Ukraine: Politicians and Parties on Facebook

  17 July 2012

Watcher.com.ua reports [uk] that the ruling Party of Regions now has a Facebook page [ru]. For more on Ukrainian politicians’ and parties’ Facebook presence, see this Watcher.com.ua's ranking (uk; updated daily).

Ukraine: Ukrainian Wikipedia's Traffic Hiked as Russian Wikipedia Striked

RuNet Echo  17 July 2012

Watcher.com.ua reports [uk] that on July 10, when Wikipedia's Russian-language section suspended its service [en] for one day to protest the Russian draft law “On the Protection of Children From Information Harmful to Their Health and Development,” the Ukrainian-language Wikipedia saw a five-time traffic increase. On that day, according to...

Ukraine: Now That Euro 2012 is Over

  3 July 2012

Although the image of Ukraine has not improved with the help of Euro 2012, the "friendly" grassroots initiatives have certainly contributed to improving the experiences of foreign visitors and left positive memories of Ukraine for many. Tetyana Bohdanova reports.

Ukraine: “Football is Over”

  2 July 2012

On Facebook, Ukrainian writer Andrei Kurkov comments [ru] on the end of Euro 2012 in Ukraine: “Football is over. Europe has won and will depart tomorrow, leaving Ukraine in its own political shadow. […]”