· May, 2010

Stories about Ukraine from May, 2010

Russian “Little Blue Buckets” Movement Reaches Ukraine

RuNet Echo  30 May 2010

Ukraine-based feminist organization “FEMEN” [EN] conducted an action [ENG] in support of the Russian online movement “Little Blue Buckets” [ENG] and against the “unification of Russia and Ukraine under Kremlin patronage.” Activists with their breasts painted in blue tried to rally near the building of the Russian embassy in Kiev,...

Ukraine: Medvedev in Kyiv; Yanukovych & the Wreath

  25 May 2010

Reactions to the Russian president's visit to Kyiv, Ukraine, last week (which included the Ukrainian president being hit by a wreath during a commemoration ceremony at the Unknown Soldier Monument) – at Kyiv Scoop, Ukrainiana (here and here), and Leopolis.

Ukraine: The Plight of the Crimean Tatars

  20 May 2010

Paul Goble of Window on Eurasia writes about the 66th anniversary of the deportations of the Crimean Tatars and the current plight of those who have returned to their homeland and those who haven't: “But because of the importance of where they live, their difficulties will not be theirs alone.”

CEE: Facebook Use Stats

RuNet Echo  12 May 2010

Worldwide Facebook statistics – at Facebakers.com: in Central & Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic has most users – 2,634,300 people, the country's overall ranking is #29, penetration is 25.8%. It is followed by Poland (#31), which has 2,604,440 users, with 6.77% penetration. Serbia (#41) is CEE's #3: 1,997,540 users, penetration...

Ukraine: Victory, Defeat, and Reconciliation

  11 May 2010

Steve Bandera of Kyiv Scoop writes that “WWII continues in Ukraine to this day, fuelled not by the veterans, but by politicians and demagogues […]. They are the ones preventing veterans’ grandchildren from turning the page. They are most interested in keeping Ukraine divided and thus more easily ruled from...

Russia, Ukraine: WWII, Stalin, History, Politics

  10 May 2010

A selection of posts on WWII, May 9, history, Joseph Stalin, and today's political discourse in Russia and Ukraine – at Foreign Policy Association's Russia blog (here and here), Global Chaos (here and here), Foreign Notes, Ukrainiana, Sublime Oblivion, A Good Treaty, Robert Amsterdam.

Ukraine: “Stolen Memory”

  7 May 2010

At OpenDemocracy.net, Roman Kabachiy writes about “the influence of politics on historical memory” in Ukraine: “[…] it’s business as usual: the Soviet archives are once again to be closed to outsiders.” More on this – at Kyiv Scoop and Window on Eurasia.