· November, 2009

Stories about Ukraine from November, 2009

Ukraine: News and Views Roundup

  17 November 2009

Ukraine roundup: flu and politics – at What's Up, Ukraine? and at Jamestown Foundation Blog, here and here; the latest on the tense relationship between the Ukrainian president and PM – at Ukrainiana, as well as two posts – here and here – on one of the 18 presidential candidates,...

Ukraine: Updates on the Flu Epidemic

  16 November 2009

Last weeks’ posts on the flu epidemic: Tetyana Vysotska of What's up, Ukraine? falls ill (doctor tells her it's “impossible to have a test on whether it may be a swine flu”) and recovers; Foreign Notes writes that “there is no reason to expect the medical profession in [Ukraine] to...

U.S., Europe: Immigrant Writing; Diaspora Mentality

  16 November 2009

Maud Newton writes about a newly-published anthology of immigrant writing, “Becoming Americans.” Sublime Oblivion examines the views of “Russian political analyst & nationalist Konstantin Krylov” on “international diasporas” and “the diaspora mentality.”

Hungary: Flu Vaccination as “the Great Hungarian Experiment”

  13 November 2009

The vaccination campaign of the Hungarian National Public Health and Medical Officer Service has inspired a public debate among the institution itself, doctors, politicians and ordinary people who are just not sure whether the Hungarian-made swine flu vaccine is good or not.

Ukraine: Flu Stats, Panic, Gauze Masks (and Some Lingerie)

  10 November 2009

According to Ukraine's Health Ministry, 1,031,597 people in Ukraine have fallen ill with "flu, acute respiratory illness and their complications (pneumonia, etc.)" between Oct. 29 and Nov. 9 - and 174 of them have died. In the Ukrainian blogosphere, much of the discussion of the current medical emergency focuses on whether there are enough reasons to panic or not.

Featured Author: Maryna Reshetnyak

9 November 2009

As Global Voices Russian Language Health Editor, Maryna Reshetnyak spends most of her time covering the Kiev-based Rising Voices grantee project, The Drop-In Center. She also blogs on Global Voices about discussions in the Russian-language blogosphere related to health.

Ukraine: Internet Offers Swine Flu Common Sense

  9 November 2009

Inconsistency in health officials’ reports about the flu epidemic in Ukraine has led to rumors and gossip. The Internet has served as a medium for unbiased information about the epidemic, as well as professional advice on how to stay safe. .

Ukraine: “Political Flu”

  6 November 2009

Today's updates on the flu situation: Greetings from Kyiv chronicles Day 5 and Day 6 of the epidemic; Chernobyl and Eastern Europe writes about the precautions taken at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant; Foreign Notes, What's up, Ukraine? and Wu Wei discuss president Yushchenko's address to the nation and other...

Ukraine: Yet Another Flu Roundup

  4 November 2009

More updates on the flu situation – Greetings from Kyiv: “Flu is all anyone is talking about in Ukraine right now.” Ukraine Today: “Ukraine's best hope now is to pray for an early winter in hope that the virus will not survive Ukraine's bitter cold winters.” Ukrainiana: “People are dying...

Ukraine: To Wear a Mask or Not?

  3 November 2009

Foreign Notes writes about the possible consequences of the flu situation for Ukrainian politicians. MoldovAnn is considering whether to wear a mask in public or not.

CEE: A Travel Roundup

  2 November 2009

A selection of travel posts – Belgraded: travel from Belgrade to Sarajevo by train for the first time in 17 years, ‘Red Star’ stadium possibly to be renamed ‘Gazprom Arena’, the Avala TV Tower rebuilt; Croatia-Expert.com: travel to Trogir; MoldovAnn: Ukrainian village museums; The Czech Daily Word: industrial architecture and...

Ukraine: Flu Updates

  2 November 2009

Updates on the flu situation in Ukraine – at What's Up, Ukraine?, MoldovAnn, Greetings from Kyiv and Scenes from the Sidewalk.

Ukraine: Army Draft

RuNet Echo  2 November 2009

LJ user drugoi re-posts a photo story (RUS) by REUTERS/Gleb Garanich on the fall 2009 draft into Ukrainian army, which has now been suspended due to flu outbreak.

Ukraine: Updates on Flu

  1 November 2009

Updates on the flu situation in Ukraine, at Greetings From Kyiv – here and here, and at Ukrainiana – here.