· August, 2009

Stories about Ukraine from August, 2009

Ukraine: In Chinese, Yanukovych is Yushchenko?

  21 August 2009

Evgeny Morozov of Foreign Policy's Net.Effect writes: “It turns out that when you use Google Translate to translate (from Chinese to Russian) the expression “Vote for Yanukovych” (Yanukovych was Kremlin's favorite candidate), Google gives you “Vote for Yushenko” in the translated version. Global conspiracy orchestrated by Google!”

Ukraine: “Radiant Girl”

  20 August 2009

Chernobyl and Eastern Europe reviews “Radiant Girl” by Andrea White – a children's book about a young survivor of the Chernobyl catastrophe.

Ukraine: Street Children

  19 August 2009

Michelle Knisley of Scenes from the Sidewalk shares stories of some of the Ukrainian street children that her ministry has helped over the years.

Ukraine, Russia: More on Medvedev's Statements

  13 August 2009

Foreign Notes comments on president Medvedev's Ukraine address: “Maybe fearing that his boss may have overstepped the mark, deputy head of the Kremlin's administration Aleksey Gromov says today that Dmitriy Medvedev's statement on the bad blood between Moscow and Kyiv was not directed against the Ukrainian people, but only against...

Russia, Ukraine: Music vs Politics

  12 August 2009

LJ user oleg_kozyrev asks (RUS) Ukrainians not to get offended at Russia because of president Medvedev's address and suggests that fellow-bloggers post “something Ukrainian today,” ending his post with a YouTube video of Vopli Vidoplyasova‘s Vesna (“Spring”) song.

Russia, Ukraine: Medvedev's Address

  12 August 2009

Foreign Policy's Passport links to the vlog post with president Medvedev's Ukraine address and the English-language translation of the transcript. Eternal Remont comments on some of Medvedev's statements: “[…] ‘The leadership in Kiev took an openly anti-Russian stand after the Georgia War.’ This is not allowed under Section 6 of...

Moldova: Post-Election Politics

  10 August 2009

At OpenDemocracy.net, Louis O'Neill writes about the post-election politics in Moldova: “All Moldovans should be proud of what they have done with these elections. Let us hope they can be equally proud of their leaders in the next months and beyond.”

Hungary, Ukraine: Illegal Stem Cell Therapy

  7 August 2009

Last week, four people were arrested in Hungary on suspicion of giving illegal stem cell treatments, some of which were carried out in hotel rooms and private homes around the country. Marietta Le reports on bloggers' reactions to the case.

Ukraine: Economy Update

  5 August 2009

Ukrainiana comments on Ukraine's economy: “Ours is an economy that thrives on cheap labor and cheap natural resources. The outcome? Poor living standards. A net population loss of more than 6 million people during the last 18 years.”