· July, 2009

Stories about Ukraine from July, 2009

Ukraine: Q&A with Hryhoriy Nemyrya

  30 July 2009

EurActiv.com visits Kyiv and talks to Hryhoriy Nemyrya, Ukraine’s vice PM, in charge of relations with Europe: questions are here, Nemyrya's responses – here, a shorter summary – here.

Ukraine: MP's Son Killed in Car Crash

  27 July 2009

Ukrainiana comments on the death of another MP's son, caused by reckless driving: “Had he killed somebody else with his car, he would’ve most likely gotten away with it.”

Russia: Making (Some) Sense of LiveJournal

  25 July 2009

A number of studies of the Russian blogosphere have been produced in the past by various entities. Russian bloggers, too, are trying to make sense of the space they operate in. Recently, LJ user fritzmorgen has drawn a list of issues that, in his opinion, tend to cause controversy among LJ bloggers. He has also assessed his own views, and, in the process, sketched explanations of some of the Russian realities.

Ukraine: Toying with early elections

  19 July 2009

Ukraine Today comments on president Yushchenko toying with the idea of resigning in exchange for parliamentary dissolution and combined presidential and parliamentary elections.

Nabucco: Running out of gas

  14 July 2009

Der Spiegelfechter comments on [GER] the agreement to build gas pipeline Nabucco and wonders where the gas will be coming from, whereas Der Unbequeme questions [GER] the need of yet another pipeline. LJ user xystos argues [RUS] why Nabucco is a mere mirage, and LJ user tertiaroma sees [RUS] the...

Lithuania: Russian charter challenges loyalty

  13 July 2009

Lituanica comments on news that a Russian NGO is starting to issue so called Russian charters – a certificate of allegiance to Moscow – to ethnic Russians outside of the country and sees it as a potential threat that state citizens of other countries may declare loyalty to Moscow.

Russia: Seven sisters – a short story

  10 July 2009

English Russia tells a short story with pictures of the Seven sisters – more known as Stalin skyscrapers – built in Moscow 1947-53, and points to other examples in the former “Eastern bloc.”

Poland: More trouble on the horizon for Euro 2012

  10 July 2009

Polandian directs attention to more trouble on the horizon for the Polish-Ukrainian joint hosting of the Euro 2012 soccer championships, namely the poor standard of Polish hotels not by far meeting UEFA-criteria.

Russia-Ukraine: State, nation and language

  9 July 2009

Ukrainiana points out the basic flaw in Russian Premier Putin's pretensions of 17 million Russians living in Ukraine, by stating the fundamental difference between state- and nationhood, language and ethnicity in terms of citizenship.

Russia: Putin and the bikers part II

  9 July 2009

Voices from Russia translates extracts of and comments an article on Premier Putin's Moscow [Sic!] meetup with Russian bikers, taking time off from the recent Obama-Medvedev summit, as an MC-motorcade was to set off for Ukrainian Sevastopol.