· June, 2009

Stories about Ukraine from June, 2009

FSU: Soviet Toys

  25 June 2009

Photos of Soviet children's toys – at LJ user varjag_2007‘s blog (RUS).

Ukraine: “Lady Ethnographer”

  25 June 2009

Maria Sonevytsky of My Simferopol Home writes on being a “lady ethnographer” in Ukraine and on xenophobia in Crimea: “Ukraine today is caught between two warring accounts of history, as it is caught between two different attitudes towards otherness, be it gendered, ethnic or raced otherness.”

Ukraine: Blogging Priest Scandal

  23 June 2009

Profy writes about a scandal involving a Ukraine-based Russian Orthodox priest – LJ user abbatus-mozdok – whose blogging manners were deemed inappropriate by the church officials.

Iran: Comparisons and Scenarios

  18 June 2009

Balkans via Bohemia looks at how the events in Iran “would play out vis a vis other successful and unsuccessful revolutions in the past two decades,” including those in Serbia, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine and China.

Ukraine: PRiBYuT

  3 June 2009

Ukrainiana explains “the master plan about to be implemented by opposition leader Viktor Yanukovych (PRU) and Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko (BYuT)”: “Imagine Obama and McCain had chosen not to run. Imagine that, instead, they had agreed to rewrite the Constitution and appoint each other president and vice president, respectively. Imagine,...

Ukraine: Kyiv Days

  1 June 2009

Michelle Knisley of Greetings from Kyiv posts pictures from the celebration of Kyiv Days in the Ukrainian capital.