· January, 2009

Stories about Ukraine from January, 2009

Czech Republic: Jobless Foreign Laborers

  31 January 2009

The Czech Daily Word writes about the situation with several thousand foreign workers in the Czech Republic, who have lost their jobs and are now stuck in the country: “And according to a friend of mine from the Foreign Ministry, a calculation is being made, as to what is cheaper:...

Ukraine: KGB Archive

  30 January 2009

Sean's Russia Blog writes this about Ukraine's plans “the entire KGB archive dating 1917-1991″: “These materials will certainly be employed in the further crafting of Ukraine’s ‘imagined community’ of victimization by, rather than a participant in, the Soviet regime. Sadly, using these documents for this purpose has little to do...

EU: Investing in Ukraine's Gas Pipeline?

  29 January 2009

Wu Wei quotes a Kyiv Post editorial, which urges the EU to consider investing in Ukraine's gas pipeline system, and posts this comment: “But on what terms will this be offered? Will the EU (or the corporation it says it will set up for pipelines) enter into a bidding war...

Ukraine: Medical Center for Street Children

  28 January 2009

Scenes from the Sidewalk posts pictures and writes about the only medical center in Kyiv “where street children can get medical attention without documents”: “Many At-Risk Children or street children do not have these documents and will be turned away at the door if they try to get medical attention....

Russia, Ukraine: “Gas War IV”

  27 January 2009

Leopolis analyzes the Ukraine-Russia gas dispute and the agreement signed: “There is a natural temptation to assess the ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ of the Russian-Ukrainian Gas War IV, which emerged from a commercial crisis to a political game.”

Ukraine: Travel to the Exclusion Zone

  27 January 2009

Chernobyl and Eastern Europe Blog writes about “Photos of Your Home” at Pripyat.com, the project “developed as an opportunity for former Pripyat residents to see pictures of their former homes/apartments.”

Russia, Ukraine: “Far From Over”

  27 January 2009

Streetwise Professor writes: “In short, the Gas War is just the surface of things. Under the surface one finds the true dynamic–Russian imperial ambition resisted by a nation struggling to realize an independence long denied, but doing so under a confused, divided, and corrupt leadership.”

EU, Russia, Ukraine: “Everyone A Loser”

  26 January 2009

Michael Berendt of Blogactiv.eu writes that “[a]ll those directly affected [by the Russia-Ukraine gas dispute] were the biggest losers of all,” but that “[o]n the other hand the long-term case for a proactive EU energy policy has received a major boost.”

Ukraine, Russia, EU: Gas Politics

  26 January 2009

Antal Dániel of Central Europe Activ believes that Ukraine is “one of the most corrupted countries, a quasi-bankrupt and quasi-failed state” and quotes Gazprom's deputy chairman to emphasize that “the EU must find out what it want to do with Ukraine.” Hugo Lane of Lands Far Away… argues in the...

Ukraine: “The EU Neighbour ‘Reality’ Problem”

  24 January 2009

Wu Wei writes about the EU and “the Ukrainian (or Georgian) reality”: “I speak from experience in working on oil stocks in Ukraine, where the Ukrainian “reality” apparently required to set up an agency for oil stocks first, then worry about what it would do later (legislation, finance, ownership of...

Russia, Ukraine: Gas Deal and Gazprom's Stock

  24 January 2009

Streetwise Professor writes this about the Russian-Ukrainian gas deal: “So, if the masterful Gasputin has really engineered such a coup, one that in addition to pulling Ukraine into Russia’s orbit, also secures Gazprom’s economic interests, why has the company’s stock performed so badly? The market certainly doesn’t seem to think...

Ukraine, Canada: Crossword House, Varenyk and Pysanka

  23 January 2009

LJ user alex-pingvin posts a picture of a “crossword house” on Andrey Sakharov St. in Lviv. Flickr user mariyaz posts pictures of “the biggest dumpling ever (Ukrainian pyrogy) in Glendon (Alberta, Canada)” and of “a monument of Ukrainian Easter Egg in Vegreville (Canada).”

Russia, Ukraine: Gas and Soccer

  20 January 2009

LJ user dobrokhotov wrote this (RUS) on Jan. 18 about the Russian-Ukrainian gas deal: “What nonsense, it's been, like, two days already since they agreed on the price of gas, but they haven't yet announced officially what the price is. This is unprecedented nonsense, almost like if the Ukrainian and...

Ukraine: Ruthenians

  18 January 2009

Window on Eurasia writes about Transcarpathian Ruthenians of Ukraine, who are “calling on Moscow to recognize the independence of Subcarpathian Rus because Kyiv has ignored their demands for autonomy within Ukraine” and who emphasize that “‘the lion’s share’ of Russian gas on its way to European markets flows through Subcarpathian...

Ukraine: “Notes From an Underground”

  18 January 2009

Stephan Clark of Everybody I Love You links to an audio version of his essay on how not to starve in Ukraine: “When you learn you’re going to Ukraine for a year, become less of a fundamentalist. Don’t insist on being a vegetarian.”