· October, 2008

Stories about Ukraine from October, 2008

Ukraine: Update on the Economy and Politics

  31 October 2008

Leopolis explains in detail the current economic and political situation in Ukraine: “The stakes are high: Ukraine's economic health, its image for international investors, and a risk of default. Just as the Ukrainian stock market has seen 75% of its value wiped away, the current political crisis may undo every...

Ukraine: Accident Training in Chernobyl; Virtual Pripyat

  26 October 2008

Chernobyl and Eastern Europe writes about a recent radiological accident training at Chernobyl Power Plant, and shares a link to the English-language section of Virtual Pripyat, “a new project associated with Pripyat.com […], a site that acts as an address book/directory of Pripyat and the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.”

Ukraine: Politics Versus the Economy

  25 October 2008

Ukraine's tumultuous internal politics has long stood in the way of the country's economic development - and even now, at the time of an economic crisis, there seems to be no sign of respite. Below is what some English-language bloggers have to say about the current situation.

Ukraine, U.S.: A View on Foreign Policy

  24 October 2008

Taras of Ukrainiana shared his view on the upcoming U.S. election in a comment posted on a Fox News blog, following Sarah Palin's recent mention of Ukraine at a rally in Nevada. Taras wrote: “You and I will be better off if you elect a president who will spare no...

Russia, Ukraine: Financial Crisis

  21 October 2008

IZO cites a post by LJ.Rossia.org user mrparker (RUS) about a somewhat panicky mistranslation of a Reuters news item on the financial situation by a Russian news agency. Also, a few notes on the banks, real estate and contemporary art in Ukraine.

Somalia: Piracy not something to be celebrated

  20 October 2008

Open sea piracy is discussed by different video bloggers who speak on the recent Somalian piracy incidents, and a behind the scenes look at how governments are protecting World Food Program cargo at sea.

Ukraine: BlogCamp CEE 2008

  19 October 2008

Michelle Knisley of Greetings from Kyiv shares her thoughts on the Central and Eastern European BlogCamp 2008 that is currently taking place in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Ukraine: Update on the Crisis and IMF

  17 October 2008

Edward Hugh of Ukraine Economy Watch posts an update on the financial crisis in Ukraine: “And today we learn that Ukraine may borrow between $10 billion and $15 billion from the International Monetary Fund to “strengthen its position” during the global financial crisis […].”