· August, 2008

Stories about Ukraine from August, 2008

Ukraine: More on Independence Day Parade

  25 August 2008

Greetings from Kyiv writes about this year's Independence Day in Kyiv: “In the last few years, Ukraine focused on featuring non-profit organizations and cultural groups in their Independence Day parade, but this year, they decided to go back to holding a military parade.”

Georgia: Ukrainian Bloggers Action

  24 August 2008

Peace in Georgia points its readers to an action staged by Ukrainian bloggers. Following reports that Russian troops and South Ossetian irregulars engaged in looting, the bloggers have set up an online shop for looted Georgian goods.

Russia: What Women Want

  20 August 2008

Anna Ershova uses Google to find out what Russian, Ukrainian, Mongolian, Finnish and American women aspire for.

Ukraine, Russia: Crimea

  19 August 2008

Steve Bandera of Kyiv Scoop writes about Russian citizens and Russian ships in Crimea – as well as about Boris Yeltsin's role in stopping the Crimean separatism in the mid-1990s.

Ukraine: Tymoshenko Accused of Russian Backing

  14 August 2008

Foreign Notes writes about accusations levelled against Ukrainian Prime Minister, Yulia Tymoshenko, that she has secured Russian backing to win the next presidential elections – a matter questioning whether Tymoshenko's allegiance is greater to Russia than to Georgia.

Ukraine: Dual Citizenship Check Due to Georgian War?

  14 August 2008

LJ user scherbin notes (RUS) that the chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament national security committee has proposed that authorities should check which people in the country has dual citizenship – Ukrainian and Russian – as this situation played part in the conflict over South Ossetia. Dual citizenship is illegal in...

Ukraine: Government Position Towards Georgia

  13 August 2008

LEvko of Foreign Notes comments on the attitude of the Ukrainian government towards the situation in Georgia. The Ukrainian President, accompanied by the Presidents of Estonia, Lithuania and Poland, and the PM of Latvia, is today visiting Tbilisi, he writes.

Georgia, Russia: Tbilisi Reports

  12 August 2008

Three bloggers who are currently in Tbilisi describe what life there has been like in the past few days. According to LJ user oleg_panfilov, everything is quiet in the Georgian capital this night, while tomorrow "there'll be plenty of politics," because presidents of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Ukraine are expected to descend on the city.