· March, 2008

Stories about Ukraine from March, 2008

Ukraine, Poland: Tusk Visits Kyiv

  29 March 2008

Leopolis reports on Donald Tusk's visit to Ukraine: “The biggest development of the trip was the signing of a cross-border visa agreement for small-time Ukrainian traders living 50 kilometres from the border.”

Poland, Ukraine: Euro 2012

  24 March 2008

20 East writes about Euro 2012, to be hosted by Poland and Ukraine: “As I live in Warsaw, I’ll worry more about the Polish side of things although one general point is that however far behind Poland might be, in Ukraine it is slightly worse.”

Central and Eastern Europe: Easter Roundup

  24 March 2008

Adventures in Wheelville marks Easter in Slovenia; Polandian writes about the “ingredients” of “the nationwide ‘holiday shuffle'” in Poland, and Kinuk describes her family's Polish holiday feast; Csíkszereda Musings writes about the first Easter of the two, which are “are over a month apart” in Romania this year; Bojan's Blog...

Ukraine: Kyiv Mayoral Election

  18 March 2008

Ukrainiana reports on the yet another upcoming election in Ukraine: “It finally happened! In a long-awaited vote, the Verkhovna Rada Tuesday paved the way for new mayoral elections to be held in Kyiv within 70 days. That means the elections will be held in early June.”

Ukraine: Protesting Yushchenko's March 8 Address

  18 March 2008

Natalia Antonova writes about an open letter to president Victor Yushchenko posted in a Ukrainian feminist LJ community: “Basically, people are outraged that on the 8th of March, International Women’s Day, the President launched into a saccharine speech about how the ladiez are so lovely and admired by men… in...

Ukraine: A Hacker's Party

  14 March 2008

Orange Ukraine links to the Washington Post's Security Fix blog for its coverage of a new Ukrainian party founded by a hacker: the Internet Party of Ukraine.

Ukraine: ParkLikeIdiot.com.ua

  6 March 2008

If anyone, for some reason, needs a sign saying this in Ukrainian – “Attention! I park like an idiot, stay away from me!” – you can download it here. Created by Ukrainian LJ user entertainer_ (UKR), the sign is part of the effort “to get rid of” the people who...