· July, 2007

Stories about Ukraine from July, 2007

Ukraine: Frommer's Outdated Map

  30 July 2007

Ukrainiana writes to Frommer's – “one of America’s best sources on travel” – to complain about an outdated map of the former Soviet region that they have on their site.

Ukraine: Charity Tennis Tournament

  30 July 2007

Scenes from the Sidewalk writes about a charity tennis tournament intended for late October: “Our goal is to push the envelope and help the Kyiv community recognize the problems related to street children. We want to show people that these children can be rehabilitated and then create an avenue so...

Eastern Europe: Swedish Blog Update 2007

In his comprehensive review, Vilhelm Konnander writes that, unfortunately, Swedish foreign minister is no longer blogging about Eastern European affairs, but otherwise, "the Swedish blogosphere on Eastern Europe is undergoing expansion and some of the necessary stabilisation to form the dynamic density needed for a blog community. [...] A disadvantage for the international audience is that blogs, with few exceptions, are in Swedish."

Ukraine: Yalta European Strategy

  5 July 2007

Ukrainiana writes about a Yalta European Strategy (YES), a get-together of “a loose alliance of ‘friends of Ukraine’ among Western political elites,” sponsored by Victor Pinchuk, ex-president Kuchma's son-in-law.

Ukraine, Russia: Sochi and Visas

  5 July 2007

Ukraine Today congratulates Sochi with winning the 2014 Winter Olympics bid and writes: “Ukraine should seek to encourage Russia to free up its visa requirements for short term visits bringing Russia's visa's system in line with Ukraine and other Eastern European Countries. Russia's current visa requirements are holding back tourism...

Ukraine: Yanukovych's Crimea House

  4 July 2007

Ukrainiana reposts pictures of Victor Yanukovych's Crimea residence and writes: “As “people all over Ukraine struggle to make both ends meet” — the truth championed in a recent Party of Regions ad — some people obviously defy the order of the day. Their luxury lifestyles know no end.”