· May, 2007

Stories about Ukraine from May, 2007

Ukraine: Tsushko's Illness

  31 May 2007

Foreign Notes writes on the speculation around the sudden illness of Ukraine's minister of internal affairs: “Any number of unexplained deaths and assassination attempts on highly placed politicians and businessmen over the last decade and a half [including that of a former Minister of Internal Affairs Yuriy Kravchenko who committed...

Ukraine: Crisis, Again

  30 May 2007

Abdymok.net reports: “the so-called agreement reached under the rug at the presidential administration in the wee hours of may 27 lasted . . . about 72 hours.”

Ukraine: Internal Troops

  29 May 2007

“When Ukrainians send Troops to suppress protestors they never – thank God – seem to arrive. In Russia (and the remainder of the CIS) they always arrive and, as in Uzbekistan in 2005, they shoot to kill,” writes Taras Kuzio and shares ideas on how to transform Ukraine's “internal troops”...

Ukraine: Photo Report

  28 May 2007

Enidd's photo report from Kyiv is by far the best illustration of how the talk of impending civil war in Ukraine was a bit premature.

Ukraine: Politics Overdose

  26 May 2007

Ukraine is going through a highly complicated political conflict right now, and its outcome is yet to be seen. But one thing seems clear: many Ukrainians, on whose behalf the politicians involved in the current feud claim to be acting, suffer from politics overdose (and from unusually hot weather). Below is the translation of what two Ukrainian journalists think about Ukraine's political and climatic heat.

Ukraine: “Turbulent Day”

  25 May 2007

Pictures from Abdymok: two Ukrainian riot policemen preparing lunch, the Prosecutor General's office, and people gathered for yet another rally at a Kyiv park. Foreign Notes writes about a “turbulent day” for Ukrainian politicians.

Ukraine: Piskun, Again

  24 May 2007

Ukrainiana writes: “Svaytoslav Piskun, Ukraine’s perennial prosecutor general, lost his job today.” Once again. This time, though, his dismissal has caused some Ukrainian politicians to talk of “an attempted coup.”

Ukraine, Serbia: Investigating Political Murders

  24 May 2007

Taras Kuzio writes about political assassinations and pursuit of justice, and compares Ukraine to Serbia: “Ukraine’s fragile democracy is closer to Serbia’s democratising state than to Russia’s autocracy.”

Ukraine, Hungary: Sziget

  23 May 2007

Two bands from Ukraine – and Gogol Bordello – will play at Sziget music festival in Budapest August 8-15, uaMuzik reports.

Ukraine: Football

  22 May 2007

Olechko attends a football game in Kyiv and takes pictures of the stadium.

Ukraine: Deportation of Crimean Tatars Anniversary

  21 May 2007

Belatedly, a link to J. Otto Pohl's post on the deportation of the Crimean Tatars on May 18, 1944: “The NKVD and NKGB took the unsuspecting Crimean Tatars to rail stations and stuffed them into train wagons designed for the transport of freight and live stock. The Soviet security organs...

Russia: Blog Ranking

  21 May 2007

Krusenstern, host to the Blog-Carnival Russian Media (in 11 days now!), posts a ranking of Russia blogs (in German), and Siberian Light writes about it in English.

Ukraine: Kyiv Street Fashion

  18 May 2007

Inspired by the weather, Olechko takes pictures of Kyiv's “simply beautiful people, irony aside” and posts them on Flickr, in her Kyiv street fashion photo set.